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London based gluten-free food producer is looking for distribution service agreement in Europe USA and Canada

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A UK based family-run business, leading in the production of gluten-free artisan food products, in the form of ready-to-eat dishes, is looking for distributors. The organization company also promotes food education aiming to increase the awareness of coeliac disease and the consumption of healthy food.

Offer description

The UK company was founded in 2014 and has over 10 years of experience in the gluten-free sector. The owners are Italian with a strong tradition in the food industry and more than 30 years’ experience in the restaurant business as the founder started his journey in this sector with a gluten free restaurant before moving on to becoming a manufacturer and now a retailer. The business cooperates actively with Coeliac UK, the oldest and largest coeliac disease charity in the world, on raising awareness on coeliac disease and on the importance of gluten-free diets and the consumption of healthy food. The UK company aims to create a good range of food products and ready meals that can be easily preserved and are ideal for people that travel. The selection of meals are designed for gluten intolerant consumers that want to have a healthy diet without compromising on quality. Products include fresh and dried pastas, bread flours and pizza bases, snacks such as biscuits and chocolates, pre-prepared meals and sauces. The company is looking for distributors in Europe, USA and Canada. The required distribution agreement should be accompanied by a consignment agreement i.e. distributor with storage facilities.

Innovations and advantages

One of the main advantages of the company’s products is the dynamic growth trends taking place in the gluten-free market as coeliac disease is common and affects one in 100 people. The company has a long-lasting experience in dealing with gluten free products resulting from the owners , comes from a personal experience, as she is a being the owner coeliac herself. This has not only helped her, this helped to gain a great understanding of the market and the needs of the client relevant consumers of maintaining a healthy nutrition but also . This helped the owner inwith the development of products that are easy to prepare and store, conceived especially for people that travel but still want to maintain a healthy diet. One of their top products is tortellini the creation (stuffed pasta), such as tortellini and , which is the first gluten free tortellini launched on the UK market. The pasta is produced following a stabilized process of production that allows the product to remain fresh for up to 55 days in the refrigerator. The preservation of the product is guaranteed by a control on the use of water, pasteurization, and packaging in a protected environment. The products have a BRC (British Retail Consortium) certificate that guarantees the standardization of quality and provides protection for the end consumer.

Technology keywords

08001003 Food Packaging / Handling
08001004 Food Processing
08002003 Safe production methods

Market application codes

07003002 Health food

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Area of partner's activity

The company is looking for a distributors mainly in Europe, USA and Canada. The required distribution agreement should be accompanied by a consignment agreement i.e. distributor with storage facilities.


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