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Lithuanian consulting company offers service of automatic measurement for manufacturing machinery’s monitoring

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A Lithuanian consulting company offers manufacturing machinery’s monitoring service. Lean2S measurement equipment automatically collects correct data so it can be used using given methodology for continuous improvement and decision making. The company is providing business, management activities and data analysis consulting services. Also, company is looking for partners to distribute Lean2S equipment.

Offer description

A Lithuanian company has 16 years’ experience in business and management consultancy activities. Wide experience of process management, production planning, Lean management, work organization, change of working habits’ and change implementation. While consulting organizations or creating practical solutions, company integrates and uses synergy of different competencies - Psychology, Lean, Theory of Constraints and Information Technology. Wide experience and technical knowledge lend to equipment and methodology duet. Methodology of using equipment lets organization to see current situation and make decisions even on the second day of usage. Functionality of the system: Lean2S is a service of automatic data collecting. Equipment allows to find unused resources because it collects data about production process: • Working rate/tempo • Downtime duration • Production plan’s implementation • Effectiveness of production (OEE - Overall Equipment Effectiveness). Lean2S equipment collects data automatically from sensing elements, relay or other source that is needed for specific task. Collected data can be used:  In Enterprise Resource Planning system  In Total Productive Maintenance system  In Business Intelligence system  For Lean transformation. Who uses Lean2S equipment? Technologists – for new products technological description and control – is standard working tempo always done without variation? Production managers – for causes’ analysis of daily plan – why manufacturing plan is not done 100%? Masters – for operator’s actions control – is machine set on right speed? Are there any unexpected downtimes? Operators – for self-control – do I work as expected? Can I work it is written in process description. Technical services – for evaluating machinery’s work – does machinery’s line work correctly? Which machinery should have maintenance check-up first? The company is offering Lean2S service for manufacturing machinery’s monitoring. Organization can get the biggest value by using collected data for decision making, working habits change and everyday effectiveness improvements. Lean2S equipment is provided by rent. This way organization receives big value from analytics with low investment. Also, Lean2S measurement equipment can be distributed by distributors. In this case organization will provide equipment and technical help and the distributor would help organization by showing how to use collated data.

Innovations and advantages

Client gets monitoring equipment + Methodology how to use collected data for effective decision making. Special methodology is created using synergy of best practices and competencies from these fields: • Psychology, • Lean and Theory of Constraints, • Information Technology. Lean2S advantages: • Decision making is possible on the second day of usage; • More effective manufacturing machinery diagnostics and prevention of disturbances; • Information for increasing production’s efficiency and profitability; • Increasing productivity of working time; • Comparison of working results by production shifts; • Reports in any computer that have access to internal corporate network or internet; data exportation to MS Excel; • Opportunity to see data in mobile phones, tablet PCs; • Receiving financial results are quantitative and measurable; • Equipment rent only from 50 € / month.

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01003015 Knowledge Management, Process Management
01003024 Cloud Technologies

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09003005 Consulting services
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Area of partner's activity

The company is offering Lean2S service for production organizations. The offer is dedicated to production organizations that would like to know current situation of machinery, wants to perform better then today with low investment and are ready to make change. There are few models of partnership: • Production organization can use collected data by itself using given methodology; • Production organization can get consultations according to the need – for example, only while dealing with specific problem; • Production organization can get daily or weekly problem-solving oriented analytics, solution oriented insights and consultations. Also, organization is looking for partners that would be willing to distribute or/and use Lean2S measurement equipment while consulting production organizations in Europe. Organization expects that distributor believes in creating value for the client. Also, distributor should be willing to show the client how to use collected data for decision making.


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