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License offered for dementia application on smartphone or tablet that gives the investor access to daily life of his target group

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The Dutch company has developed an app that supports the network of social-workers and families of people with dementia. The company has entry to many organizations involved in Alzheimer’s disease, but is looking for license holders for some countries. The investment can be earned back by selling sub-licenses to users, but also can be part of a branding strategy of commercial organizations aiming to get access to this fast growing group. The preferred type of cooperation is a license agreement.

Offer description

Two Dutch brothers have developed a dementia app when their mother started suffering from dementia. The tool supports them and other caregivers in taking care of her and keeping joy and quality in her confusing life. The app helps them in making it possible to keep her staying at home longer. Also the brothers have founded a company with the mission to develop and update the app to support people suffering from dementia and their environment. Not only to unburden them, but also to boost social involvement and add to the quality of life. The app is a new digital product that can become a basic tool in supporting the network of social-workers and the families of people with dementia. There are already 30.000 users. Every user, the care receiver and the caregivers in their circle, pay 10 Euro per person a year. In some countries, these license costs are paid by the government or commercial organisations. The license fee for new member countries depends on country size amounting between 50.000 and 100.000 Euro one-off. The investment will be earned back by selling sub-licenses to individual users or groups of users. But in most cases the license holder is interested in access to the group of users. For many countries the company has entry to the non-commercial Alzheimer network that supports the app. But these organizations can’t afford to pay the license fee. Therefore the company is looking for commercial partners that want to pay or finance the license fee upfront and become license holder in order to get access to this group of caregivers and care receivers. Functionality - Screensaver: The app always starts in the screensaver mode and shows the day, time and which activities will take place on that particular day. - Memory-games: the app contains a variety of games that stimulate the memory and can be played on their own, or during visits with others. This leads to social interaction that will increase the wellbeing of the users. - My day/week: Care receivers only have to touch the screen to see all the activities for that particular day or week. Past activities are removed from the list, to avoid confusion. - Contact: With this function the care receiver and the caregiver can communicate. Caregivers or family-members can support their loved-ones from a distance and at the same time assess the overall situation and state of the care recipient. - Photo album: pictures contain a story or event that can awaken pleasant memories and lead to social interaction. Photos can be placed in the album from a distance as well as directly onto the care receiver’s tablet. - Logbook: caregivers, family members, friends, case managers and extramural care can keep each other posted when it comes to the day-to-day experiences with the user. - Agenda: Long distance caregivers can put appointments and reminders in the agenda. If necessary it can be confirmed whether or not the user has seen the entry. - Information kiosk: In cooperation with governmental organizations and agencies, the app collects important information concerning dementia and caregivers in the app kiosk. In several digital magazines, helpful information is given - British Pathé 1945 -1976: British Pathé was once a dominant feature of the world wide British cinema experience. In cooperation with the British media archives a worldwide collection of themes is put together. Users and caregivers can experience pleasant memories that strike a cord.

Innovations and advantages

The app is meant to be permanently displayed on a dedicated tablet or smartphone. Like a picture frame it will become part of the habitat of the user. The logo or branding of the licensee can be integrated in the screensaver and increase brand awareness. The number of users of the app increases rapidly worldwide. There are a lot of possibilities for generating business in future: - The app is very suitable for research activities by medical research institutes. - The Information kiosk can be upgraded with affiliates and in-app purchases. - The app also can be upgraded with domotics, home automation, applications.

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In most countries a partner with the relevant network has already been found. In most cases this is a non-profit organization that cannot afford buying the license fee for that specific country. Therefore the Dutch company is also looking for commercial partners or investors that are interested in buying the license for a particular country. The investment can be earned back by selling sub-licenses to individual users or groups of users. Another reason for the partner to invest in the app is to get access to the specific target group of people with dementia and their inner circle to promote the partner’s own products or services via this channel.


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