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License agreements for an innovative mobile sales application

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A Belgian company, active in the edition of management software, is looking for distributors and licensees for one of their solutions. It's an innovative mobile sales presentation tool that helps companies to optimize their sales cycles: documents presentations, catalog, orders, reporting, etc. All functions are easy to reach with a tablet. They offer a true long-term win-win partnership with a high return on investment and a real long-term collaboration between their firm and their partners.

Offer description

An IT software company, based in Belgium, is looking for partners abroad to accelerate the internationalization of one of its solutions. The company, active in the publishing of management software, carries out development projects for mobile applications and provides IT infrastructure solutions and services. The company has a long term experience on the market. With more than 15 years of experience, 200 collaborators and more than 700 customers in Belgium, France and Luxembourg, the company can provide a true added value for its partners and is now considered as expert in management software. They are now willing to expend their business with the internationalization of their innovative mobile sales presentation tool that will help companies to optimize their sales cycles. To achieve this project, they are looking for distributors and licensees around the world. The solution will help to provide sales teams with a powerful presentation tool which enables them to be more effective when they are in front of their customers. Thanks to this application, the sales team will be sure that they use the last up-to-date marketing materials and they will be able to collect all customer related information to optimize their sales cycle. This mobile solution is available on iPad and can be integrated with any CRM/ERP application, can be used off-line & offers a lot of features such as direct order, catalog, promotion, customer visit reports, geographic reporting, clients database, fast surveys, to-do, appointments,…). This mobile sales presentation tool is composed of the mobile app for the end users and a web interface for content management and reporting. • Some more detailed features of the iPad app: o Input the customer visit reports directly on the iPad o Thanks to the solution, as a sales rep, you are always sure to show up-to-date information to your customers (marketing documents, catalog, …) o Orders can be taken directly on the iPad o The news section enables you to stay up-to-date about any important company or market news • Some features of the content management system: o Centralized management of content that is pushed automatically to all connected iPads o Management of users and groups of users o Mobile CRM management o Product catalog management o Road optimizer : optimize the travel distance of your sales reps o Statistics: see which document is used a lot and which is not, etc. The idea of the company is to really build strong collaborations in various countries with motivated partners. Those partners will be responsible for the distribution of the software, the initial set-up and the coaching of the customers' staff. These partnerships will be based on a long-term plan with a high return on investment. Multiple levels of partnership are available allowing the partner to have more advantages, more flexibility and more profit.

Innovations and advantages

The solution is in a continuous improvement process. Last year, the company invested 5000 “man-days” in the solution to improve it. These investments allow the solution to differentiate itself from the competitors. Indeed, beside the ease of use, the rapid set-up time, the integration with any CRM/ERP, the off-line mode and the complete solution (Webmanager and Mobile App), the solution offers more. Here is a list of specific advantages provided by the solution : • Sales geolocalisation (clients, sales representatives) • Up-to-date contacts • Up-to-date sales materials • Up-to-date catalog • Easy and fast order from the catalog • Appointments and to-dos • News and notifications • Fast survey • Reporting and dashboards • Fully integrated with your CRM/ERP • Work on-line as well as off-line • Complete system (web manager and Mobile App) Moreover, the solution has a wide range of potential customer. Indeed, it can be helpful for every single company that has representatives on the road. Now, regarding the partnership, the partner will be trained, coached and followed up in order to establish a true long-term win-win partnership with high return on investment and a real long-term collaboration between partners.

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01004 IT and Telematics Applications

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02005003 Portable terminals
02007005 Communications/networking
02007007 Applications software
02007008 Business and office software
02007022 Software services

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Type of partner sought

Type: All companies that are IT related (software distributors, infrastructure distributors, editors, integrators, etc.) and are able to set-up the software for their clients. Role: The partner should be proactive in the distribution activity by looking for businesses opportunities, and have an effective commercial force. He should be able to sell a software as a service and be committed to reach customer satisfaction. The partner should also act as 'improvement partner' by providing constructive feedbacks. By becoming partner, the company will get reductions on their licences, a functional training, assistance, commercial documents, a privileged relationship with the Belgian company and many other advantages


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