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Leading Italian company specialized in the extraction and processing of the Lecce stone, the natural limestone widely used in the field of art and architecture, is looking for distributors.

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This Italian company it is considered one of the most important companies involved in the mining and the processing of the Lecce stone. This natural limestone is very adaptable, durable and versatile and for this reason it has conquered architects and designers all over the world. The company is looking for distributors.

Offer description

The company was born 16 years ago but the company has been is in the sector of stone manufacturers for four generations. The Lecce stone is a versatile, ductile and cosmopolitan limestone, indeed since the XVII century the local artists and the architects have been able to make it the most of the quality. This stone is a calcareous rock rich in fossils dating to Myocene period, which exhibits a fine but homogenous and compact grain. It is prevalently composed of a mixture of fossils and calcareous fragments immersed in calcitic cements. The different percentages of the components determine the variations in colour, grain size and homogeneity of the stone. The most important varieties are: cream, white and grey. Quarrying has remained unvaried for centuries even if nowadays a system of high tech machinery helps reducing the rock to prismatic blocks. The limestone quarried from the upper strata, is particularly malleable and is used for sculptures and architectural decorations. Which gave birth to the myth of Lecce Baroque. The deeper layers of the quarry produce instead a more resistant variety of limestone particularly used for coverings and pavings. The company owns about 30 acres of quarry from which the stone is extracted and subsequently processed producing: - exterior flooring (suitable for gardens, villas and squares); - interior flooring; - tumbled flooring; - balustrades; - cornice; - sorrounds; - wall-copings; - slabs, raw squared limestone slabs; - blocks, large quarried blocks in several sizes for multiple applications; - arches. Expert stonemasons produce a specific line for interior design such as fireplaces, tables, vases, sculptures, lamps and so on. The core business of the company includes mainly the extraction of the stone directly from pits, the production of blocks and slabs. The company is looking for distributors.

Innovations and advantages

The company has a long experience in the field and also modern means of manufacture, it offers a wide variety of natural stone products. The company has an efficient production unit. In order to offer the most comfortable solutions for the clients, the enterprise has also interior designers that plan and supervise the design and production.

Current stage of development

The experience gained in the field of the extraction and processing of this limestone is the result of 150 years of work in this area. Indeed knowledge and expertise have been passed down from father to son for four generations, ensuring professionalism and experience.

Market application codes

09007002 Manufacture of construction materials, components and systems

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Area of partner's activity

The company is looking for distributors working in the building and in the interior design sector with a large knowledge in construction SMEs. The company is looking for distributors working in the building and in the interior design sector.


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