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Latvian producer of bio based polyols and polyol systems for polyurethane industry is looking for cooperation with PU systemhouses, PU manfacture companies and distribution companies.

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Innovative Latvian chemical company that develops bio based polyols manufactured from natural oils and suitable for rigid PU foam and polyol systems for polyurethane (PU) industry is looking for cooperation with PU systemhouses, PU manfacturing companies, and distribution companies to cooperate on distribution or services agreement.

Offer description

The company is established in partnership with the Institute of Wood Chemistry of Latvia. Main area of expertise is manufacturing of bio polyol - a polyol synthesized from renewable materials, such as rapeseed or tall oils. The current production capacity is 2880 metric tons per year. With the help from a venture capital company, it is planned to invest more than 2 million EUR in next 3 years in our manufacturing plant to increase production capacity to 12 000 metric tons per year. The company is operating on a business-to-business basis. Their clients are companies in the polyurethane industry, such as: manufacturers of polyurethane systems (in the industry these are called “polyurethane system houses”), manufacturers of construction (such as insulation material, or foam), shipbuilding, car manufacture, transport, household production units (for example refrigerators, and water heaters), sports equipment manufacturing (like surfboards etc.), pipe insulation, furniture, design, packaging, and other companies manufacturing products using polyurethane. Bio Polyol is a high quality bio based polyol, produced from renewable materials (rapeseed oil and tall oil) for the polyurethane industry. Currently the company offers three products for rigid insulation, adhesives and coatings. Polyols for flexible foam are under development. Currently the company is lookinf for cooperation with companies operating in polyurethane (PU) industry. The company is willing to cooperate on the basis of distribution or services agreement.

Innovations and advantages

Polyols provided by the company have a large variety of advantages compared to synthetic polyols: - Renewable material content ranges from 60 up to 74% by mass; - They contain secondary or tertiary amine groups, making them auto catalytically active and allowing to significantly reduce required catalyst amount in PU formulations; - Advantage over other bio based polyols is that hydroxyl groups in are up to 100% primary; - These Bio polyols in polyol systems prevent from phase separation; - Production does not create by-products or gaseous emission, making the process eco-friendly.

Market application codes

08001004 Fibre-reinforced (plastic) composites
08001007 Coatings and adhesives manufactures
08001009 Speciality/performance materials: producers and fabricators
08001018 Polymer (plastics) materials

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Area of partner's activity

The company is looking for cooperation with PU systemhouses, PU manfacture companies, and distribution companies from any country. The company is looking for distribution or services agreements.


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