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Korean SME seeks distributor of automotive climate and cooling parts

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A Korean SME as an exporter of auto spare parts is offering automotive climate control parts of OEM (original equipment manufacturer) as well as OES (original equipment supplier) and aftermarket products. The products they are dealing with are compressors, radiators, condensers, cooling fans, cooling modules, evaporators, heater cores, intercoolers and air conditioning parts. The company is open to discuss a cooperation opportunity with a potential distributor or agent in Europe or others.

Offer description

The SME specializing in dealing with OEM, aftermarket auto spare parts is one of the leading exporters in Korea. The Company has continuously improved the quality and service of their products for over 10 years. Their auto parts are being sold in overseas markets with good reputation. They provide over 10,000 kinds of auto parts at competitive prices to the customers. And the parts are applicable for Hyundai, Kia, Daewoo, Ford, Honda, Toyoda and other European, American, Japanese cars. All of them are exported to Europe, East Asia, Middle East and other regions in the world. Their main products are various compressors, radiators condensers, heaters and evaporators. They combine fan, fan clutch, fan shroud, condenser, charge air cooler and radiator together into a model to supply to the market. One of the products is the cooling system that consists of a compressor, radiator, condenser, and fan. The advantages of this integrated module are that it reduces the labour and time needed to the air-conditioning system and helps to ensure optimal performance through strict quality-control inspection of each modular component. Located at the very front of an auto engine compartment, the cooling module cools and converts the heated and high-pressure refrigerant received from the compressor into a liquid form. The company could provide more information on the products they are dealing with. Therefore, if a potential distributor or a buyer could request for detailed information if necessary for further discussion. Any of companies which are interested in forming a partnership with the company are welcomed. The main cooperation types that the company wants are commercial agency or distribution services agreement, but it is also negotiable.

Innovations and advantages

- Has strong database and concrete experience in exportation for after-market - Provides best service, price and quality to customers - Has good reputation among buyers in Middle East, Asia, Europe and North America

Technology keywords

02009012 Automotive engineering
02009014 Automotive electrical and electronics

Market application codes

09001005 Motor vehicles, transportation equipment and parts

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Type of partner sought

- Type of partner sought : Distributor, general merchandise - Specific area of activity of the partner : Dealing Automotive Climate Control parts of OEM, OES and aftermarket products - Task to be performed : Distribute the products to Europe or other areas


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