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Joystick control system for sailing boat

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A French SME, specialised in electronics and embedded systems, provides innovative sailing solution in order to make sailing accessible to everyone. The SME developed joystick control system so easy to control that children and disabled people in wheelchair are able to steer it and to have fun on the water. With two joysticks, it is possible to control the sails of the boat and the rudder like playing a video game. The SME is looking for commercial partners abroad under Distribution agreement.

Offer description

A French SME, specialized in embedded electronic systems, aims to simplify and make sailing accessible to everyone. Therefore the SME has developed an electronic system using specific joysticks to manage the different commands of sailing boats (see pictures). The system exists in two different versions. - Rudder control system: a single axis joystick, a control unit, a jack cylinder (electrical ram or hydraulic ram) to connect to the rudder. - Rudder and sails control system: one or two electrical winches for the sails and a jack cylinder for the rudder as well as multiple joysticks dedicated to each function. The French SME can provide all the necessary training to help the dealer to learn how to install the system on the different boats. It is important to first target the sailing clubs, which are already working with disabled people. If the commercial partner needs a complete boat with the joysticks installed, the French SME can provide a boat equipped with this system (a video is available). This boat is great to take on board disabled people. The SME is looking for commercial partners abroad (distributors/dealers) to promote this new system either to nautical sector or the market of equipment for disabled people. Distribution agreements are sought.

Innovations and advantages

Innovation : - Render the boat suitable and accessible to people with disability. - Make sailing fun and easy for all. - Intelligent communication: a CAN bus has been designed to connect the different parts of the system and it allows to add quickly more sensors or to add new features. Advantages: - Simple and flexible: can be implemented on any sailboat - Low electrical consumption - Waterproof to IP68, resistant to salt water

Technology keywords

01001001 Automation, Robotics Control Systems
02003003 Component integration
02003006 Prototypes, trials and pilot schemes
02009014 Automotive electrical and electronics
11007 Sports and Leisure

Market application codes

07001004 Sporting goods, hobby equipment and athletics clothes
08002003 Process control equipment and systems
08002004 Robotics
08003007 Other industrial equipment and machinery
09001007 Other transportation

Intellectual property rights

Other (registered design, plant variety, etc)

Comments, number and date of patent

Open source hardware and software, allowing deep customization.

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Area of partner's activity

Partners for sales abroad are sought: distributors/dealers. The French SME is looking for either a partner who's already selling nautical parts, or a partner which is selling equipment for disabled people (for water sports). The commercial partner will have to find people or sailing clubs (children & adults) interested in buying a joystick control system and to install it on their sailboat.


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