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Italian producer of ultraviolet and infrared devices for medical use is looking for distributors

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Italian company with 60 years experience in the production of ultraviolet and infrared devices for medical use is looking for distributors and retailers in order to expand its business abroad.

Offer description

Italian company with 60 years experience in the production of UV lamps for medical appliances, in particular for the treatment of some skin affections such as psoriasis and vitiligo with UVB radiations is looking for distributors. The company can provide three categories of products: • Lamps for phototherapy Ultra Violet B 311nm: devices for total body or localized phototherapy. • Infrared and Ultraviolet Rays Lamps: this high performance device is fitted for professional use (in Hospitals, outpatient's departments) where a long-daily operation on more patients is needed. This lamp can be programmed for a functioning until 15 minutes. When the programmed time is over, there is an automatic switching off. Thanks to UV (ultraviolet) and IR (infrared) separate operation. The device has several application such as dermatologic field, for treatment of skin affections such as psoriasis, vitiligo, mycoses, herpes, baldness, pitiriasis; orthopedic fields, for anti-rickety action by vitamin D production, osteoporosis cure, treatment of fractures. Infrared rays (IR) are used in orthopedic field: treatment of arthritis, lumbago, rheumatism, sprain. This device has a vertical and horizontal regulation and the helmet can be inclined to irradiate every part of the patient's body. • Infrared rays lamps, medical devices for therapy with infrared rays lamp. Applications: orthopedic field (treatment of arthritis, lumbago, rheumatisms, sprains, and generally where a penetrating heat source is required); phisiotherapic field (massage preparation and body heating for a better absorption of creams by the skin); heating (cold rooms it's possible to obtain an immediate heating for the irradiate person). The company is looking for a distribution services agreement, in order to expand its business abroad.

Innovations and advantages

The devices produced by the company are very easy to use, the therapy can be done in the hospital/doctor's office or at home and the price is very competitive compared with the main competitors. The devices are equipped with only ultravioler or infrared lamps or both infrared and ultraviolet (ultraviolet B and ultraviolet C) lamps to let a wide range of applications in dermatologic and orthopedic field. All models are certified according to 93/42/EEC Directive “Medical Devices”

Technology keywords

06001013 Medical Technology / Biomedical Engineering

Market application codes

05004 Medical equipment
05004001 Electromedical and medical equipment

Preferred countries

Argentina, Belarus, Bulgaria, Chile, Croatia, Czech Republic, Egypt, India, Israel, Macedonia, The former Yugoslav Republic of, Paraguay, Romania, Russian Federation, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia

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Type of partner sought

The ideal partner is a distributor or retailer with experience in the medical sector. Type of partnership: distribution services agreement


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