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Italian producer of temperature monitoring systems seeks new collaborators

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This Italian company which produces systems for the monitoring of: temperature, relative humidity % and process signals is looking for new collaborators to improve the presence of their products abroad. The company is looking for agents, although is also able to operate as a subcontractor.

Offer description

This italian company was founded in 1980. The company produces sophisticated devices for monitoring and for remoting control of the physical environmental parameters used in many applications; the company also produces identification systems and data storage with TAG-RFID transponder technology. This products can be used on several sectors like: food, agronomy, cultural heritage, pollution, pharmaceutical, hospital, logistics, research field, energy certification of buildings, industrial. Company turnover is slightly below 1 milion and they have less than 10 employee. Nowadays the company does not sell the products outside Italy abroad and mainly work with pharmaceutical laboratories, and for subcontracting companies that offers products which include the need to maintain and / or control the temperature and humidity percentage. Aiming to improve their presence on foreign markets, the Italian company is looking for experienced companies interested in their for subcontracting agreements, or agents that can correctly introduce their products to final users. They want to begin to export in the Western Europe countries because they are the closer markets (especially Austria, France, Germany), but all possibility will be discussed.

Innovations and advantages

The company has 36 years of experience in the temperature monitoring system field of activity. This products can be used on sectors where the control of the temperature is important (food, computers, transports) and the most important points of advantage can be: -compact systems (the biggest does not exceed 3 centimeters) -possibility to handle the systems with wireless connection and through mobile devices.

Market application codes

03007002 Other measuring devices
03007003 Other analytical and scientific instrumentation

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Type of partner sought

The company is looking for companies operating in the sector belows for subcontracting agreements, or to agents that operates in their business sector, interested to promote these kind of products; Main sectors: Food business: monitoring and recording of the temperature in the cold storage; monitoring of the microclimate in the cells of ripening (cheese, etc..); record the core temperature of the product in a tunnel of pasteurization / sterilization of food packaging; control of relative humidity% in the dryers of the pasta factories and the warehouses flour; record the temperature in the transport of frozen foods. Agronomy sector: monitoring of the microclimate of greenhouses; soil temperature at various depths; capturing data from environmental sensors; recording the weather conditions; Cultural heritage sector: monitoring of the microclimate in the halls of museums and art galleries; registration of microclimatic parameters in the deposits of the finds; monitoring the temperature and RH% in the restoration laboratories; preliminary study of microclimatic parameters of good architecture before embarking on a restoration. Pollution sector: monitoring of pollution in the air (carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulphide, oxygen, etc.) in working environments with IR sensors and electrochemical; continuous measurement of levels in monitoring wells; monitoring of the chemical parameters in rivers and sewage treatment plants (Ph. conductivity, DO etc..); Pharmaceautical sector: monitoring and recording of temperature and relative humidity% in cold stores, warehouses and storage of pharmaceuticals; record the temperature in refrigerators and environments of pharmacies to guarantee the vaccines, etc.; monitoring and recording of temperature in the transport of medicinal products; Hospital sector: recording the temperature in the equipment of the laboratory analysis and in the blood transfusion centers; temperature monitoring in transport of samples and blood bags; monitoring of the microclimate in hospital environments; temperature control in refrigerated's internal pharmacy. Research field: monitoring of the thermostats, heaters, thermostatic baths and environments in analysis laboratories for accreditation; acquisition of data from analytical equipment; monitoring the microclimatic parameters in the halls of test laboratories. Energy certification of buildings: recording the temperatures with the heat flow for the calculation of the thermal transmittance "U"; monitoring of temperature and RH% for the calculation of habitability; recording with probe plate for recording temperatures in the floors or walls insulated; monitoring of microclimatic parameters in air conditioning systems. Industrial sector: monitoring and recording of the temperature in electric motors; recording of the tensions in the galvanic cathodic protection; registration of pulses or opening and closing of NO / NC contact in different applications.


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