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Italian producer of industrial storage machines is offering its software and hardware to sales agents and distributors

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Italian leading company with a 15 years experience in safety and security, human resources and industrial data collection, is searching for trade intermediary services for its patented software and hardware. The company is able to customize its data collection systems in order to suit the customers’ needs. Cooperation types: commercial agency agreement, distribution services agreement.

Offer description

The Italian company operates in safety and security, human resources and industrial data collection sector. It developed a software data collection suite to manage dispensers, pedestrians and vehicles access control, visitors and key management. The software works on web environment, it can be used in the local network (intranet) or in the internet (extranet) and supports a centralized database. Each “workstation” it is simply a personal computer on which is installed a html browser, compatible to internet explorer, opera or Firefox, connected to the company network using a direct interfacing or, in case of plant based abroad, with a phone this means that it is possible to add new users in any moment and in any place, in a very easy and fast way with a full customer independence. The software module manages automatic dispensers, designed for personal protective equipment (PPE) withdrawals by employees, but it is also indicated for consumable object in general. The software allows to: - supply employees of all sort of PPE without any manual management; - certify the withdrawal of each employee, writing in the database the date/time and the PPE taken, to prove if necessary the availability of PPE; - monitor constantly the PPE stock in each machine installed, sending a warning message by e-mail in case of achievement of minimum stock set for each item (no manual checking needed); - verify consumptions for each employee/period to avoid waste; - withdraw PPEs using the same badge of time attendance and access control system installed in the customer company. The company sells its products in Italy, France, Portugal and Bulgaria and it wants to enlarge its distribution network offering its patented products to sales agents and distributors in UK, Germany, France, Poland, Russia, Belgium, Netherlands, Sweden, Finland, Norway, USA and Spain.

Innovations and advantages

The products automate the production process in all its phases: distribution, restock, return and disposal of the objects. Concerning this last phase, the company patented a system that notice and memorize the number, weight, reason and picture of the objects, reducing waste and lack. The company products can manage 710 different items in just one machine. The company takes care about the separate collection of used objects. This is achieved through the tracking of the different kind of objects, of their state at the moment of collection (detected by a digital image of the object) and through the identification of the user who made the operation. Depending to the kind of object and to its state, the user is addressed to the correct container and the system keeps in memory the return of the object, together with the its image, in order to verify the characteristics. The products are easy to use thanks to a user friendly and interactive touch screen monitor with a multilanguage helping message (shown and spoken). The company develops both software and hardware. This allows customers to have a partner of global expertise that is able to customize the data collection system in order to suit their needs and it is able to offer help-desk service, remote support and rapid hardware maintenance on-site.

Market application codes

02007011 Manufacturing/industrial software

Preferred countries

Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Russian Federation, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom, USA

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Area of partner's activity

The ideal partner should be an agent or a distributor, reliable and well established on his markets, with a suitable sale network and a large portfolio of clients


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