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Italian manufacturer providing high quality premium mattresses and accessories for bedding systems, is looking for a long-term commercial partner acting as distributor, agent or importer

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An Italian company specialized in design, manufacturing and supply of high quality mattresses, pillows and accessories for bedding systems, is looking for a long-term marketing and commercial partner acting as distributor, agent or importer to jointly develop selected growing distribution channels. The company adopts the most updated technologies and is able to ensure tailored and customized solutions suitable for satisfying the demand of the most growing distribution channels-

Offer description

An Italian company, with an overall experience of 40 years in the bedding industry, which mission is to understand, identify and anticipate the arising customers’ needs in the bedding market in order to ensure the most innovative, tailored and customized solutions, offers a full range of mattresses lines adopting the most updated technologies, in full compliance with the specific technical standard required for each product: • Visco-elastic polyurethane “memory” foam ergonomic lines • Independent pocket springs ergonomic lines • Orthopedic spring lines • Fire-proof communities lines • Traditional polyurethane lines • Traditional spring lines • Latex lines The company aims to get in touch with a marketing oriented partner having a deep knowledge of his own bedding market demand and well introduced in one or more growing distribution channels.

Innovations and advantages

The company’s approach to innovation is based on a deep knowledge of customers’ needs in the bedding market and a constant search for innovative applications enabling effective improvements in the healthy and comfortable sleep such as: air recycling breathability systems, prevention systems based on silver fiber properties, anatomic effects foam systems, LBS system corner block, thermoregulation, fire proof materials etc. The company may ensure to the potential partner a constant marketing and technological support to meet customers’ changing needs, based on the following core concepts: • Innovation: constant search for latest technologies and materials enabling as far as possible tailored and customized innovative solutions so as to improve current lines or to develop new products; • Quality and Italian style: constant effort to provide fashionable, effective and reliable bedding solutions by using top quality 100% made in Italy materials and fabrics ensuring a wide choice of visual options; • Safety and environment: continuous search for updated materials ensuring a safe and healthy environment to the mattress.

Market application codes

09003004 Distributors, imports and wholesalers
09004 Manufacturing
09004008 Other manufacturing (not elsewhere classified)

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Type of partner sought

The company is looking for a customer-oriented commercial partner; the prospective partner could be a distributor, importer or agent well introduced in one or more growing distribution channels such as: bedding specialized single stores and chains; furniture retail stores and chains; large scale retail trade. The company is also interested to get in touch with distributors and importers operating in “contract” channels (hospitals, hotels and communities) to which may ensure targeted customized solutions. The partner is expected to have a deep knowledge of his own bedding market demand in terms of users’ needs and distribution current practices and policies; the company envisages a close cooperation in setting up a focused product portfolio meeting the specific needs and technical specifications required in his specific market segments. The company envisages a distribution services agreement and/or a commercial agency agreement, to be adapted in compliance with the current practices and policies.


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