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Italian manufacturer of food supplements for sporting people looks for distributors

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This small Italian company is developing and marketing food supplements in powder, liquid, tablet, gel and bar form with formulations based on specific needs of competitive athletes and amateurs. It is looking for EU distributors.

Offer description

This sport company celebrated last year its 20th anniversary and is one of the market leaders in its branch in Italy. It is strongly marketed oriented and very dynamic in the most popular social media. It takes part directly at hundreds sport events every year and has several connections to popular ambassadors in many different areas of sports in order to keep high visibility for its brand. The company is looking for distributors with a consolidated customer portfolio for the following products: - Endurance line: energy-saline supplements to restore the metabolic stock before, during and after the performance. - Fitness line: protein supplements designed for indoor and outdoor activities, from fitness to body building, from weight control to thermogenic effects. - Wellness line: snack and meal replacement designed for a balanced and healthy diet. All lines offer products in the form of powder, gel, liquid, bar, tablet and contain all necessary nutrition information, the ingredients, and the way of use.

Innovations and advantages

The company has a long experience in the sport sector gained over the years and has acquired a high knowledge both of the raw material markets and of the needs of professional athletes and sporting people. Its research and development team formed by nutritionists, sports doctors and experienced professionals is constantly studying the feed-back coming from end users in order to develop cutting-edge products with attractive packaging designed to be quick and easy to use. The entire range is registered at the Italian Ministry of Health, it meets the doping directives and it is genetically modified organism free.

Market application codes

07003002 Health food
07004002 Health and beauty aids

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Type of partner sought

Type of partner sought: The company is looking for a small or medium size distributor with good introduction in the sport branch like cycling, running, triathlon, swimming, skiing, football, rugby, volleyball, basketball, hockey, canoeing, fitness, body building. A priority goes to companies already engaged with organization of sports events because of visibility of the brand. Specific area of activity of the partner sought: The distributor has the opportunity to distribute the products through a wide sales network formed by several trading partners: cycling shops, running shops, sport shops in general, but also gym centres, pharmacies, drugstores, specialized shops, sports teams and sports associations. It is essential that the distributor makes available a warehouse to stock products and send them to retailers on request. His goal is to develop its business within its market. In addition to a traditional distribution it is much important having a web-shop and being present on social media channels in order to give a maximum visibility to the brand. A long-term commitment of the company is to build up a distribution network in all Europe in order to provide brand awareness by the European consumers.


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