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Italian inventor of a patented pliers for picking foliage up is looking for manufacturing agreement under license

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An Italian inventor has patented a tool for gardening, a big pliers to pick up foliage and for pruning and bush clearing works. The tool is ergonomic and easy to use. The proposer is interested in partnership with companies that can manufacture tools and equipment for gardening or for agriculture sector. Together with a manufacturing agreement a license agreement will be proposed.

Offer description

An Italian Inventor has designed and patented a convenient and efficient tool for pruning, cutting and bush clearing works. The tool is a big pliers and solves some drawbacks of similar equipment used for the gardening, in particular in the practice of pruning. It is also able to neutralize post-pruning fatigue such as collecting waste, leaves, weeds, brambles etc. It is made up by two extensions joined at the center by a pivot which makes easier the opening and closing movements. The upper part of each extension is constituted by a comfortable handle which facilitates a secure grip by hand; the lower part is constituted by a gearing on steel curved 130° which makes simpler picking up objects. The handgrips is placed at the height of the hands and it facilitates the grabbing without twisting or bending. It can be manufactured with different materials and dimension without compromising its efficiency and ease of use. Thanks to its structure the big pliers facilitates the gathering and transportation without any effort. Resolving the problems due to plant pruning, the tool neutralizes the after-pruning inconveniences such as scrap, foliage, undergrowth and bramble gathering. Thanks to the easy and intuitive mode of operation, the product responds to each customer needs whether amateur or professional end user. Satisfying different necessities, the tool has a wide range of application fields like gardening, agriculture and garbage collection. Once the scraps have been gathered, its transport is easy and comfortable. This is due to the tool structure that allows to handle it comfortably on the shoulder through the grip locking. The invention will be followed by a new version which will have the replacement of the forks by two shovels.This new version could replace the traditional tools used in the field of garbage collection.

Innovations and advantages

Innovative design, simplicity and ease of use. Ergonomic tool with easy, intuitive and comfortable use. Good solution for grab problems and the picking object off the floor.

Market application codes

07004006 Garden and horticultural products

Intellectual property rights

Patent(s) applied for but not yet granted

Comments, number and date of patent

Patent filed in Italy in December

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Area of partner's activity

The proposer is looking for partners interested in the company's offered product in order to reach a manufacturing agreement under license. The company is looking for licencees such as companies that can manufacture tools and equipment for gardening or for agriculture sector.


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