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Italian e-learning company seeks distribution partners and joint venture opportunities abroad.

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This italian company provides its customers with digital training courses such as leadership and human resources management, sales techniques, creativity and innovation, effective presentations, bank operator’s relationship with the client. The courses can be downloaded and displayed on the digital platform of the company using tablet, smart phone and PC. It is looking for distribution services and joint venture opportunities in all Europe.

Offer description

This Italian company produces user-friendly digital training platform usable on PC, tablet and smart-phone and PC. The product allows company to develop specific skills and competencies, implement a corporate identity, promote their products and share projects and materials. The most common training courses are to learn sales, leadership and communication techniques but they can be projected in collaboration with the client needs. It is the ideal system to allow more users to access a distance learning course, without taking their working hours up, or to share informative materials, technical files and product data sheets with all members of a company. Educational material can be uploaded in different formats such as text-blocks, pictures, audio tracks and videos and assessment tests. It is also possible for a company to supervise the functioning of a course thanks to reports and statistics. The potential customers can also purchase just the platform to upload their own courses on it. The company supplies its products in all Italy, Benelux and Turkey. Company’s ideal partner is interested in e-learning and mobile learning. It is looking for: - Trade intermediaries for distributing its product in Europe. - Companies working in recruitment, tutoring, consulting and similar activities interested in purchasing its platform and/or promote the courses through its platform. - Companies from different sectors of activity interested in procuring projects related to its activity in return for a share of its future profits. - Universities interested in providing their students with e-learning courses.

Innovations and advantages

The training method is not a traditional e-learning course, conceived for a mere consultation of multimedia materials. It is an interactive system aiming to promote involvement and daily participation through a series of notifications sent directly to users. Reminders will help to keep users involved in the course and will encourage them to adopt new behaviours in their everyday working life. Thanks to 10 years experience in training and consulting, the company developed an extremely effective tranining method based on mobile learning. The company believes in a “step-by-step” learning process and that is why it supports people with , day by day and week by week, with brief, clear and effective training videos. Furthermore the company provides its customers also with reminders and excersises related to what they have been studying. Becoming a partner of the company means being part of a successful innovation, having the opportunity to distribute its product.

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01005002 E-Learning

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01006004 Communications services

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Type of partner sought

The potential partner is a company with knowledge and experience in the training and educational online courses and that know the training needs of the companies. The company partner has to distribute its applications in its territory and to assist the clients about the appropriate use of the training courses. Furthermore the partner woud be a companies or privates interested in joint ventures opportunities regarding developing courses on its platform, recruiting, tutoring, consulting and similar activities.


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