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Italian company, specialized in the realization of photovoltaic modules, canopies, LED street systems and hybrid systems looks for agents, distributors and manufacturing agreements

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An Italian company, located in Ragusa, in the south of Sicily, looks for agents and distributors involved in the field of green energy, interested in photovoltaic modules, green furnishing urban elements such as canopies and stand alone LED street light systems and off grid and hybrid systems. The company aims also at finding some partners that could be interested in a manufacturing agreement and subcontracting activities.

Offer description

Established in 1965, the core business of the company has been for decades, the field of commercialization of aluminum and accessories. Constant investments and a careful management have paved the company way towards renewable energy by creating a brand, synonymous of quality photovoltaic technology, that has been included in the top ten of photovoltaic plants in Italy. Photovoltaic modules are realized with polycrystalline solar cells with 3 bus bar that reduces the series resistance of the module and limits the operating temperature of the cells. The glass ensures high values of resistance and mechanical strength due to its thickness of 3,2 mm and minimize the amount of solar radiation. The antireflection coating is deposited only on the outer side of the glass minimizing the reflection at the air-glass interface. PID Free Technology (Potential Induced Degradation) integrated in the modules, optimizes the production process in such a way that the negative effect of leakage currents are eliminated already at the level of the cells. When a cell in shaded stops to generate current unlike the other cells of the module. Photovoltaic canopies is a green furnishing urban element, characterized by high energy performance guaranteed by the quality of modules and the flexibility of a patented system able to cater for the needs of more demanding designers. The system is a monolith in stainless steel which can comfortably accommodate four cars and is able to be installed on any type of flat surfaces, reaching its maximum expression of flexibility in the spaces intended to accomodate a large number of vehicles, such as shopping malls or airports. LED street light systems are powered by solar energy and wind power and are often employed in not electrified areas and rural places. They are able to ensure 72 hours autonomy in total absence of recharging sources with programmed ignitions up to twelve hours per night. A special LEd lamp ensures excellent visibility to drivers and pedestrians, concentrating the luminous flux where necessary. Offgrid and hybrid systems consist of photovoltaics generators and fossil-fuelled gensets, ensuring the demand-oriented control of the photovoltaics systems dependent on the plant's load and genset characteristics. The company is looking for agents and distributors for the products and partners interested in manufacturing agreements. Furthermore, activities in subcontracting are required with companies that can take charge of the preliminary inspection of the client, (collection of the information, analysis of the area) the preliminary commercial phase and the installation of plans, which can be supervised by the talian technicians and engineerings.

Innovations and advantages

The company designs and installs off-grid systems suitable for every needs. The off-grid systems are the best solution for the sites that are not achieved by electrical grids or where the grid is unstable. The new slim frame of the modules guarantees a lighter and less bulky module compared to standard modules, a jey factor that allows to store and carry a greater number of modules more easily in the same area. Modules are resistent to heavy snow loads and wind(maximum pressure 5400 Pa - about 550 2kg/m. Stand alone street light systems are easy to install and ensure instant accessibility to components for maintenance and repair operations. They can be powered either by photovoltaic energy, wind power or by a combination of the two sources, always ensuring totally eco-friendly high performances.

Technology keywords

04005004 Photovoltaics
04005008 Wind energy

Market application codes

06003002 Photovoltaic
06003003 Wind energy

Preferred countries

Albania, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Egypt, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russian Federation, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Tunisia, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom

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Type of partner sought

The company is looking for local clients with the intent to collaborate in the selling of the products and systems (agents and distributors). Furthermore the company is interested in offering activities in subcontracting to companies that can take charge of the preliminary inspection of the client, (collection of the information, analysis of the area) the preliminary commercial phase and the installation of plans, which can be supervised by the talian technicians and engineerings. The company is also open at finding partners for manufacturing agreements.


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