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Italian company specialized in the production of grapes grafted plants

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A company, located in the North East of Italy and engaged in updating the viticultural techniques acquiring the best genetic selections of grapes grafted plants, is looking, for importers all over Europe.

Offer description

The Italian company was founded twenty years ago by a group of vine-growers from Friuli Region belonging to families, who produce grafted plants in the European area. The development and growth of the vine-growers’ company can be put down to continuous innovation of nursing techniques and the great commitment towards the genetic and sanitary selection. In the premises surroundings the company planted fields with mother plants for the production of certified clonal scions from the best clones supplied by the Italian, French and German constitutors. The members of the co-operative, as well as other vine-growers in various Italian regions, who co-operate with the headquarters, cultivate several hundreds of hectares of land with mother plants for scions and rootstock ensuring the availability of more than ten million scions and rootstock cuttings every year. This places the suitable genetic base in the vineyards and enriches the wines with the best possible expressions of aroma, fragrance and colour as well as providing them with a high capacity of preservation. The company realized ‘catalogue cultivation’ of about 100 varieties of wine grapes for didactic use and variety control; these have been divided in “international varieties”, “regional Italian varieties” and “local varieties”. It implemented a vast programme of clonal selection of about thirty regional Italian varieties in co-operation with the Faculty of Agriculture of the University of Milan. The goal of clonal selection is to obtain representative clones with the best possible agronomic, sanitary and oenological characteristics within the sphere of each single variety population. This involved a large group of agronomists, who co-operate inspecting numerous vineyards in the area where the varieties are cultivated and identifying the most interesting vine stocks with the vastest range of distinctive variations. This project was inspired by the philosophy to try and recover as much as possible the genetic variability to lay the bases for the complexity of wines.. The work dedicated to the sanitary controls also involves external laboratories for serological analysis. The company is looking for importers all over Europe but it’s also opened to cooperation with vine-growers, agronomists and oenologists.

Innovations and advantages

The company innovates continuously its technologies and tries to acquire the best genetic selections. Thanks to the commitment of experts belonging to various Italian research institutes, involving both the private and the public sector, the company had the possibility to start a new project: the clone selection of native Italian vines. The intention of the company is to become a prime interpreter of the evolution of Italian vine-growing and oenology with technical and economic commitment. Particular attention is paid to the specificness of the varieties of the various regions and vine-growing areas. Every year, due to these commitments, the members of the co-operative produce over two thousand graft combinations with about ninety varieties of wine grapes, at least fifteen different rootstocks and a large quantity of clonal selections, which are currently being studied. The Technical & Sales Department ensures all the phases of a complex task: from the making and the management of the fields of mother plants to the shipment and delivery of the grafted vines to the customers, guaranteeing the best conditions regarding their preservation.

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09005 Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing, Animal Husbandry & Related Products

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The company is looking for importers all over Europe but it’s also opened to cooperation with vine-growers, agronomists and oenologists.


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