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Italian company, specialized in electric and electronic products, is looking for distributors and subcontractors

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Italian company, distributor of electric/electronic professional products, also specializing in security systems devices, wants to build a cross-border distribution network in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Greece, Lithuania, Montenegro, Russia,Tunisia,Turkey and Ukraine. It is therefore looking for distributors, commercial agencies and subcontractors. Reciprocal products exchange is also taken into consideration.

Offer description

The company was established in 1986 in central Italy, supplying electrical products, lightning and building automation. The company can also supply a complete product lineup for LED lighting for any kind of application either in buildings or industrial sites. During the years, the company specialized its offer on industrial electric and electronic parts like PLC, control devices and more. In 2007 the company went on and developed a new branch which specialized in security systems, professional products such as CCTV, remote control, intrusion detection systems and fire detection systems distribution. The company continued to create further four new branches. In 2011 the company's security division started a massive import operation for CCTV devices. The products are now rebranded and distributed in a national network with a proprietary trademark. The company is now interested in growing in cooperation with other firms and organizations located in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Greece, Lithuania, Montenegro, Russia,Tunisia,Turkey and Ukraine. The perfect partner is a distributor or a commercial agency, but subcontractors are also welcomed, as well as firms willing to perform reciprocal products exchange. The offer is focused on supplying high quality products with an orientation toward the newest technologies. Products are designed for professional users and system integrators and they have high quality standards. Areas of interest: -- professional video surveillance; -- high security systems; -- ICT and telecommunications; -- integrated systems; -- professional lightning for building applications, industrials and cities; -- electric parts distribution.

Innovations and advantages

The company is highly competitive on the market with its products and it offers a fully qualified product line with the newest technological solutions. It has highly qualified employees in technical departments that can offer a wide range of support. The central part of its product line can be offered branded with a proprietary trademark or in a OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing) solution, customized for the customer’s request. This ensures a privileged position on the market, because these kind of products have a supervised distribution channel. Finally, the company has activated a desk for project support, so any partner can ask for technical advice.

Market application codes

01004001 Local area networks
03001009 Other electronics related (including keyboards)
03008004 Other electronics related (including alarm systems)
06003008 Other alternative energy
09008001 Electric companies

Preferred countries

Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Greece, Lithuania, Montenegro, Russian Federation, Tunisia, Turkey, Ukraine

Profile date



Area of partner's activity

The main aim of the company is to establish commercial distribution agreements with partners located in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Greece, Lithuania, Montenegro, Russia,Tunisia,Turkey and Ukraine. "Technologically oriented" distributors with a technical support department are particulary requested. The company also seeks commercial agencies and subcontractors and in addition it takes into consideration a reciprocal products exchange.


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