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Italian company specialised in silver filigree and casting is looking for commercial intermediaries

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A company from the North-West of Italy, with thirty-year experience in silver filigree producing and casting, is looking for trade partners and intermediaries (agents and/or distributors) in order to enter foreign markets. Only commercial agency agreements and distribution services agreements are sought.

Offer description

The art of the filigree is ancient, dating back to the dawn of Middle Eastern civilization. The testimony of the affirmation of the filigree in Italy dates back to the first crusades. In the first half of 1600, the production increased and in 1700 filigree started to be used for embellishing the sacred vessels, ornaments and as an adornment of folk costumes. From 1800 until the early 1900s signed the great expansion of the filigree objects, expanding too many aspects of life. In the described context, the Italian company started its jewellery production in silver filigree and casting. Since the beginning, all filigree products have been entirely handmade by highly skilled craftsmen and experts. The company processing filigree jewellery follows the specific rules of this ancient tradition. By using different and accurate equipments, pure silver is melted and transformed into thin wires, then entrusted to highly skilled craftsmen who, with their own hands, create small works of art. The whole production is realised internally thus allowing a complete customization of the articles, which can be realised following all customer’s tastes and needs. To highlight and guarantee the originality as well as the really high quality of the whole Italian handmade production, the Liguria Region has recognised to the company the "DOC Ligurian Artisan" (DOC = Protected Designation of Origin) trademark which guarantees the originality and the crafting of handmade products. The company offers a wide range of products, filigree jewels and related products, in particular, objects for religious worship: rosaries, rosary bracelets and ten bead rosary bound in silver. Already having a well-established position in the Italian market, the company is now looking for trade partners and intermediaries (agents and/or distributors) to strengthen their presence in foreign markets and enter new ones. A particular interest is directed to those countries (European and not) where religious symbols and worship are part of the daily context. Commercial agency agreements and distribution services agreements are definitely sought.

Innovations and advantages

Through the experience gained over the years and the desire to pay particular attention to the market changes, the Italian company offers the possibility of customizing most of its products, since each single processing step is entirely carried out inside the company itself. High-quality materials and a particular attention to details guarantee a really unique product, characterized by the craftsmanship "Made in Italy". The production also brings the trademark “DOC Ligurian Artisan”, a brand assigned by Liguria Region to guarantee the originality and the crafting of handmade products.

Market application codes

07004001 Clothing, shoes and accessories (including jewellery)

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Area of partner's activity

Commercial agency agreements and distribution services agreements are sought (sales agents and buyers as well). Only sales to resellers will be considered. Direct sales to final customer are not of any interest.


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