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Italian company producing web-based platform for educational publishers is looking for distributors

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An Italian company is looking for distributors for its web-based platform for content creation, made to help educational publishers to produce digital interactive contents. The platform allows to easily produce concept maps, mind maps, interactive exercises, timelines, photo galleries, tutorials for reading and translating, interactive presentations.The Italian company is offering a distribution services agreement.

Offer description

An Italian company developed a web-based backend made of 5 different tools: 1) eMap - with this tools is possible to create concept maps and mind maps, adding text, pictures, video, audio, and html packages. It’s possible to create interactive auto-corrective exercises inside the maps. Three different types of exercises can be produced: fill-in-the-blank, combo input and drag and drop. It’s possible to create “explosion” maps, where at the beginning there is only a subset of boxes visible, then clicking on one box, another part of the map is shown. 2) Timeline – it's possible to simply insert events with text, images, video and audio and the system will generate a timeline which can be shown in two different views: graphical and sequential. It’s possible to print and create pdf files from the timeline. It’s possible to associate a colour to each entry in the timeline for managing categories. Automatically an interactive legend is generated where you can hide and show all the entries belonging to a category 3) Interactive Info graphics – it's possible to define interactive hotspots on graphics and automatically a navigation menu is generated. 4) Picture gallery 5) Reading tutorial - it's possible to add a text with publishers notes, exercises, translation or analysis, multimedia. The double page is managed, and the users can change text dimension. The Italian company is currently looking for distributors with a good network of contacts with educational publishers in foreign countries.

Innovations and advantages

The platform allows publishers to create complex interactive educational digital objects, avoiding to write any line of code and without any technical expertise. Educational publishers are able to create by themselves - for whatever matter they are expert - rich interactive digital content they can upload on the publisher sites or distribute online and offline. The objects can be used online and offline on any kind of device: pc, tablets, smartphones, iOS and Android. They can be used in Itunes U courses, we provide a iOS app for using them also offline. It’s possible to personalize each detail of graphic design. The backend is in English and Italian, and it’s ready for quick adjustment in other languages. The objects can be exported in 5 languages: Italian, English, French, Spanish, German. The input fields have a virtual keyboard for special characters. The objects can be exported also in a SCORM compliant format. Users can be organized in companies and groups, the administrator has tools for reporting the number of produced objects in order to manage invoices.

Current stage of development

The platform has already been used for three years by the major Italian educational publishers.

Technology keywords

01003010 Databases, Database Management, Data Mining
01005002 E-Learning

Market application codes

02007010 Education software

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Area of partner's activity

The company sought shall have a strong network and contacts with educational publishers to sell licence for the platform.


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