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Italian company producing high quality extra virgin olive oil is looking for distributors and agents

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An Italian company specialized in the production of extra virgin olive oil is looking for distributors and agents in the agrofood sector (typical final customers should be gourmet shops and restaurants) in order to reach new markets and countries thus increasing international presence in the retail sector. The company selects the best olives of Taggiasca quality to produce an extra virgin olive oil of high quality, together with pickled olives and olive paste.

Offer description

An Italian company is the result of the work of five generations of the same family that has passed down techniques, practices and work tools from father to son, with one goal: to produce an high-quality extra virgin olive oil of Taggiasca cultivar. As proof of this historicity, in December 2012 the company received the award of historical enterprise of Italy. Five hectares of olive trees fully grown, some of which overlooking the sea and others placed on the hills at different altitudes, were purchased by the founders of the family after years of hard work, and today, thanks to their biodiversity, provide a natural oil with a delicate taste unique of its kind. The company merges tradition and innovation to get a range of top-level products. The result of this careful and painstaking work is an extra virgin olive oil of Protected Designation of Origin (PDO). Only the PDO allows producing a “cru” oil, deriving from a very particular soil which the entire company is very fond of. The company combines the traditional methods with the most important and modern innovations resulting in a fruity, sweet and balanced extra virgin olive oil with a low degree of acidity. The products, which are manufactured with high-quality ingredients, have a long shelf life and are available all year round: they can be found both directly on the farm and in markets selling local products. The owners offer the possibility to those who are interested in its products to visit the olive oil mill and see how the extra virgin olive oil is produced. The Italian company is looking for distributors and commercial agents in order to enter new markets with its products.

Innovations and advantages

The processing methods are completely natural. The olives are selected very fresh and within few hours are taken to the mill for their grinding. The cleanliness, defoliation and washing of the olives are deeply monitored. Also the preparation of the land follows the rule of natural cultivation: at the end of the pruning of olive trees, the leaves are left on the ground and only fertilizers derived from nature are used. All this guarantees an absolutely natural product, which has enabled the company to receive the following prizes: 2008: best extra virgin olive oil of Taggiasca quality 2008 best olive grove of the town of Lucinasco 2013 prize for pickled olives of Taggiasca cultivar

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07003002 Health food
09005 Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing, Animal Husbandry & Related Products

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Area of partner's activity

The company is looking for distributors and trade intermediaries having experience in the agrofood sector that is agents and representatives mainly supplying gourmet shops and restaurants, so to allow the company's products to reach new clients and countries.


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