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Italian company producing coffee is looking for commercial partner.

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This is an italian company specialised in the production of coffee and all its accessories (from sugar to small cup). The company was founded in 2001 and it is constantly engaged in raising production standards and in the proposal of tasty blends. Today the company produces not just coffee but it guarantees the supply of equipment of the highest level and assistance for 24 hours, it also organises professional training course fo bartender. The company is looking for distributors in Europe.

Offer description

This is a company located in the south of Italy which was founded in 2001 when the production was limited to blended coffee. Thanks to the work and the engage of its founders the company is today a strong reality and its production is varied, not limited to coffee itself but it includes also lots of accessories, from sugar to coffee machines. The coffee production includes: - grains line: coffee blends not only dedicated to professionals of espresso preparation; - waffles line: it includes not only coffee but also tea, herbal teas and infusions; - coffee capsule; - grinded cofee. The company also produces: coffee ice cream, small cups, sugar and tissues container, apron and different machines, both for bars and home or office (coffee machine, ice cream machine, grind machine, barley machine, ginseng machines). The guarantee of an excellent quality coffee is the primary purpose, the company chooses only selected raw materials and uses a roasting facility to clean air. The result is a mix of high technology and old recipes, produced in establishments where there is a constant monitoring of temperature and humidity. The company uses an in-house laboratory for continuous improvement of the quality of this exceptional drink. An efficient and meticulous work that gives a mix of intense and unique flavors. The plant uses the innovative roasting system to clean air. The use of a heat generator to clean hot air allows an excellent distribution of heat and consequent chromatic uniformity of roasted coffee. Moreover, the guarantee of total absence of contact between the roasted coffee and the derivatives originating from the combustion process. The company has also an its own bar, a space designed for true coffee lovers, in which courtesy, competence and friendliness is a must. The bar is conceived as a laboratory of daily experience, thanks to which it always makes the best service for customers and tests new marketing proposals. The company also offers the opportunity to take courses and obtain certificates of international level for the professional growth of the bartender. The company is looking for distributors in Europe. The type of agreement considered is the distribution services agreement. The company is looking for a distributor to sell its products in order to distribute them in the target markets. The company aims at wholesalers or retailers. The company is also interested in reaching hotels and restaurants chains.

Innovations and advantages

For what concerns the research, buying and mixing of the row coffee that makes the blend, the company turns to a highly qualified supplier. Engineers continue to examine samples of green coffee to preserve the constant responsiveness to complete organoleptic characteristics. The roasting phase is undoubtedly the one in which the company pays great attention, in fact, this phase evolves under the constant supervision of the Roaster and the Head of Control Room which, if necessary, apply corrective action such as to ensure stability of the outgoing product. During the process the roasted coffee samples are taken and they are prepared to additional controls relating to the organoleptic characteristics. The company pays attention to all details so that customers can enjoy unique aromas and perfumes, focusing its daily work on the continuous search for quality products and the respect of its employees, contractors, partners and suppliers. This has allowed the company to have a variegated production, which is able to achieve different tastes; an offer envied by all the competitors. All the products are genuine, no additives, no preservatives or colorings. Company’s extras are: lasting tradition, high production capacities, high quality ingredients, packaging. The company has obtained the ISO9001 certification and has also developed a line dedicated to muslim clients, a line of coffee products, ground, pods and capsules which are Halal certified.

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07006 Other Consumer Related (not elsewhere classified)
09004008 Other manufacturing (not elsewhere classified)

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Area of partner's activity

The company is looking for distributors, following these characteristics: Trade (Buying/Selling), Service - Type of partner: distributors with experience in the sector which could be able to extend the company's products in the European countries. Trans-National Co-Operation: Preferred


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