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Italian company, producer of chocolate sweet, is looking for importers, distributers, wholesalers of chocolate.

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This Italian company is a producer of chocolate bars, puffed rice chocolate, chocolate cream in jar. The company aims to make high-quality products, and because of that the production still remains handmade. The company is looking for new markets. They are particularly interested in the markets of the North East of Europe and in the North European countries. Depending on the product they are aiming at both large scale retailers and specialized shops for distribution agreements.

Offer description

This italian company is a small factory of chocolate (classic chocolate bars, puffed rice chocolate, spreadable chocolate cream in jar ); the company is located in the Veneto Region, in the North East of Italy. In the last years the company moved to a bigger laboratory in order to face the increasing market requests. As mentioned above, classic bar is not their only one products, their factory also create other types of chocolate bar with mixed ingredients ( such as chocolate coffe bar for example). Chocolate cream (in jar, spreadable) is also available. Puffed rice chocolate is the most recent products they made and it had a great success. The products are gluten free and does not have any kind of artificial flavor. Company will also dispatch a new product line soon, under the "bio" segment. Dark Chocolate also have the 100% vegan certification. The company is able to double the production of puffed rice chocolate, from 3000 unit per day to 6000 unit per day. The company is also able to double the production of classic chocolate bar, from 1500 unit per day to 3000 unit per day. The company has already experience in international trading, especially in Western Europe; now the company is looking for new markets. The company is particularly interested in the markets of the North East of Europe (Polonia and Baltic Countries); company is also interested in importers from the North Europe countries (Denmark, Sweden, Norway). Their favourite partner is large scale retailers for the packs of puffed rice chocolate, and experienced, capable of presenting their products, specialized shops for the classic bars of cioccolate. The company is expecting an agreement for continuous orders. Anyway, proposal from any country and from any kind of partners will be discussed.

Innovations and advantages

The Company is specialized in various kind of chocolate; they created a 100 % vegan line of chocolate, and also a line of puffed rice chocolate, which is rapid spreading in italy. They have their own label; the high quality level of the products is mantained with the handmade production and the charateristics of the products. All the products are free of gluten and of all kind of artificial flavor. The company also remain always vigil to be sure raw materials are the highest quality one, produced in Italy, and they put a meticoulos attention to every step of the production process.

Technology keywords

08001002 Food Additives/Ingredients/Functional Food
08001003 Food Packaging / Handling
08001004 Food Processing

Market application codes

07003002 Health food

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Area of partner's activity

The company is searching for both large scale retailers and small specialized shops. The first one is the best for their puffed rice chocolate line, and the second one for their high quality classic chocolate bars. The specialized shops should be experienced shops able to assist the company in the presentation of the products. The company is expecting an agreement for continuous orders.


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