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Italian company offers B2B full contract services and innovative health&pharma food and dermocosmetics products to be marketed into international countries

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An Italian food and cosmetics company develops innovative and certified health vegetal products from concept to international markets. The company offers a services agreement to international distributors and importers interested in sourcing formulas to be developed and customised products compliant to requirements of foreign markets as well as companies interested to enter the Italian market.

Offer description

Established in 2012 and based in Milan (Lombardy), the Italian company is a health and pharma food and cosmetics business development and regulatory consulting organization. It offers a full services agreement aimed at providing clients with the support on food and cosmetics products development from concept to market and assisting them to enter Northern Europe (in particular UK) and extra-EU markets (Switzerland, USA, Northern Africa and Middle East, Japan), as well as the Italian market. The company is specialised in providing business planning, law, regulatory, process and product certification and compliance professional advice, trade marketing and import export services to food and cosmetics industry operators, development of new products and ingredients, procurement of products compliant to destination market requirements as well as second level certification for vegetarian and vegan products. In particular, the services offered aim at providing clients with information necessary to be fully compliant to national laws, regulations and procedures (also on labels, packaging and documentation requirements for commercialisation and foreign trade) as well as on the specific rules that some countries may apply with regard to the products listed above. In addition, the company assists clients interested in: - scouting innovation, - assessment of new business models and opportunities; - access to consolidated or emerging markets; - customisation of marketing strategies according to the territorial approach; - sourcing of ingredients, formulas, aromas and flavours, bioactive compounds, conventional, organic, vegetarian and vegan food, novel and functional food, dietary supplements, foods for special medical purposes (FSMPs) and foods for particular nutrition purposes, dermocosmetics, food packaging innovation and food biotech solutions.

Innovations and advantages

The company offers a services agreement in order to assist its clients in certifying their products according to the international standards for food and cosmetics through the partnerships with qualified certification bodies, food research laboratories and universities as well as production facilities compliant to good manufacturing practices (GMPs), organic, vegetarian and vegan, quality and safety most required international certification standards. Clients could also benefit from three other relevant factors: - the expertise in international markets of health and pharma food and cosmetics for providing competitive and innovative products; - the capability to offer its services for assisting foreign companies to enter and place their products in the Italian market; - the ownership of a second level vegetarian and vegan certification mark.

Current stage of development

In the first years of activity the company has operated by assisting its clients to enter Northern Europe and extra-EU markets (as for instance Switzerland, Japan and United States of America). Since January 2016 the company has further enhanced its international business development services through the diversification of marketing and distribution channels, as well as through the development of web and traditional marketing and promotion strategy models for health food and cosmeceutical products, particularly for UK, USA, Northern Africa and Middle East markets.

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Type of partner sought

The company is looking for: - food, pharma and cosmetics distributors and importers, and/or - food, pharma and cosmetics manufacturers


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