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Italian company offering a new bio- dynamic evapotranspiration equipment is looking for agents and distributors for commercial agreements.

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An Italian company working in the environmental sector is offering evapotranspiration equipment, particularly interesting for the farms where there is agrochemical polluted waste-water as result of cleaning operations such as spraying machines and other vehicles. The company is looking for agents and distributors with good contacts with farmers for commercial agreements.

Offer description

An Italian company active in the environmental sector since 2011, is looking for agents and distributors for a new equipment for wastewaters treatments. The professional of the company teams work to reduce potable water consumption, to limit emissions in the atmosphere, to reduce energy consumption and, in general, to eliminate waste as possible. The company wish to show that clean technologies’ adoption enhances environmental protection and makes benefits to organizations that apply them. According to a recent water quality report by the Italian National Institute for Environmental Protection and Research (ISPRA), in more than half of Italian water surface are found external molecules belonging to pesticides distributed in agriculture. Often, the management of these wastes is carried out in the wrong way, since the farms don’t know what is the pollution potential that results from an uncontrolled spreading of the same in the soil. This accumulation of waste substances over time can assume the nature of real polluting phenomenon. Since the pesticide components are made of metals or belong from organic molecules, they can be treated with specific active substrates with high deterioration power. The device offered by the Italian company does not need any special maintenance and regenerates itself by ensuring a perfect respect of the environment. The equipment is able to realize a self-removal of agro-chemicals polluted waste-waters using organic ground and specific ad hoc plants. This equipment should be realised in different dimensions according to the client requests and is equipped with unit control in order to manage waste-water automatically. This modular and compact equipment is adaptable to every farm, and thanks to the plants with high absorption capacity is able of ensure a complete biodegradation of the polluting molecules. The system guarantees a fully automatic irrigation process (managed by an electronic unit control), with no more pollution from agrochemicals in the soil water. Agents and distributors are seeked in order to promote an sell this new equipment abroad.

Innovations and advantages

The advantages are the following: - no cost for water analysis from disposal plant - no cost for currying and disposing of polluted wastewaters - reduction of waste management risks The main advantage of the equipment, compared with other rsolutions actually on the market, is the reduction of costs, an "easy to use" apporoach and the respect of the environment..

Market application codes

07006 Other Consumer Related (not elsewhere classified)
08004003 Water treatment equipment and waste disposal systems

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Area of partner's activity

Professional agents and distributors of equipments for farmers, with at least 1 year of experience. The agents/distrubutors will be involved in order to promote and sell the product in their own territory of competence.


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