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Italian company is specialized in waste water cycle management.

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The Italian company is engaged since 2001 in water cycle. During this fifteen years, has matured a excellent experience in this field, cooperating also with Italian Navy in order to minimize environmental impact of its vessels and its logistical basics and ports, including bilge water, becoming from engine rooms of the ships. The company is looking for a partnership with foreign builders of waste water plants and/or sub-equipment.

Offer description

The Italian company can offer a support in preliminary project phase, during building and, overall during start-up of the plants. Most of existing water treatment plants have been realized under old regulations, but they can be sometimes re-aligned to new environmental requirements, with simple revamping using different procedures and new technical apparatus, foreseen only strategy changing in management with little new equipment supply. Furthermore, in this field, engineers are heavily employed, but they often have no field experience and their attention is focused on space saving or hydraulic developing, neglecting other aspects of such delicate field, including difficulties relating to maintenance and/or management. At these purposes, the company is fully equipped with set of on-site digital ISE analysis apparatus ( manufactured by HACH-LANGE), and a mobile mechanical repair workshop that consent measure and monitoring of parameters of treated or bulk water or repair and calibration of mechanical or electronic equipments. The company’s long experience consents to fully satisfy the needs of end-users, giving all necessary suggestion in order to obtain best results reducing cost relating to chemicals and sometimes also to energy, specially on existing plants ( over or undersized also). Th company underlines that has projected and managed a several plants that are able to treat water mixed with fuel and luboils that normally either navy or cargo ship produces in engine room; such a plants consent an environmental safe treatment of salt water and a recovery of oils that can be re-employed in heating cycles. They are looking for a partnership with foreign builders of waste water plants and/or sub equipments. The company should be interested to test their apparatuses verifying possibilities to optimize for an easier relating to end-users and also interested to superintend assembly during building oprs and following up of pre-delivery checking and start-up of the entire plant or apparatus, including an on-site assistance to the final client/user.

Innovations and advantages

The company has developed during these years several strategies in order to perform best management of waste water plants, using less chemical products, encouraging use of product with less environmental impact. A large experience in these field consented a different approach to the waste water treatment minimizing mud production from biological waste water or reducing presence of heavy metals in industrial/sewage. The firm simply apply existing technologies or chemical product, to existing cycle, in order to obtain best quality of treated waters, reducing environmental risk. And it are also involved, during preliminary project phase, in order to suggest best technology available and dimensioning specific equipment and verifying pre-assembly phases in order to facilitate maintenance during operational oprs and minimizing latch during operation.

Technology keywords

10004001 Industrial Water Treatment
10004002 Municipal Water Treatment
10004003 Wastewater Recycling

Market application codes

08004003 Water treatment equipment and waste disposal systems

Preferred countries

Cyprus, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Russian Federation, Tunisia, Ukraine, United Kingdom

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Company partners working in the industrial water treatment is interested in Service Agreement.


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