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Italian company active in the manufacture of jewellery and fashion accessories, is looking for distributors for resale of its products

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An Italian company, in the field of jewels since 2014, offers a range of diversified products obtained with an innovative technique which makes use of laser cutting to obtain from a silver foil a concave shape which reproduces a shell. The company, already on the market, sells uniquely through an e-commerce platform. It is interested in get into foreign markets with a distribution services agreement.

Offer description

An Italian company that has been operating since 2014 in the manufacture of luxury jewellery and fashion accessories, such as scarves and foulards, is characterized by having combined the design of its brand with an innovative technique for working precious metals. In particular it has been employed a laser cutting to cut silver foils in substitution of the traditional technique of "casting". The technique allows to make the product in the form of a concave shell and to carry out a double-valve welding. The shell shape is in fact the central and dominant theme of each proposed collection. The process is accurate in every detail, in order to give quality and durability to a final product, intended for a specific target of customers looking for a not standard jewel. The products cover a diverse range of jewels in earrings, bracelets and necklaces in gold variants, silver, adorned with precious stones and looking two dimensional. Each jewel becomes a limited edition product, thanks to an agreement reached by the company with the deisgner, in terms of exclusive relationship. The company pays attention to accessory elements of jewels that can facilitate the fit: a double locking hook necklaces or bracelets with oval shape to insert the wrist easily. As security and reliability of corporate brand each article is signed by the manufacturer's label and the registered trade mark. The company philosophy is not intended to be a selling point for the distribution of its brand, but to get clients with the e-commerce portal and to have show corners inside starry hotel facilities. In order to get into foreign markets, the company is interested in negotiating mid and long term agreements with distributors or dealers that can offer guarantees in term of market expertise regarding jewellery and who have already marketing channels or customers.

Innovations and advantages

- products made in Italy with certified raw materials; - respect of delivery deadlines; - products limited edition; - innovative manufacturing technique (laser cutting); - two-dimensional (clamshell) but light jewels; - range of diversified articles.

Technology keywords

11009 Creative products

Market application codes

07004001 Clothing, shoes and accessories (including jewellery)
07004008 Other consumer products

Intellectual property rights

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Area of partner's activity

Distributors to sell company's products abroad. In this case, the partners should deal with the resale commission varying according to the volume of sales. It requires that partners have a good knowledge of the foreign market of their relevance. Distributors can be companies that deal with the redistribution of the product even making use of e-commerce platform. Potential partners should be addressed in the promotion of products abroad.


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