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Italian brand new company specialised in bakery products seeks distributors

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This is a modern company located in the South of Puglia which produces bakery products. The company was founded in 2003, its management has great knowledge and expertise of the market, developed in more than 20 years of activity and successes but also integrated with new resources, young and strongly innovative. The company is trying to expand its activity and find distributors in Emirates, Brasil, China, Russia and in the USA.

Offer description

This company is located in the South of Italy, in Puglia region. The production is made of bakery products, above all "taralli", a typical product which reflects the ltradition of the land. The whole production process is developed inside the compnay's plant, a modern complex of 2,000 sq. meters on three levels. The production machines, leaders in their sector, occupy about 1,000 sq. meters while the stocking area is of about 900 sq. meters. At the moment, the company has a daily production line of 10 tonnes of product to be packed in the brand new packing line. The annual production is of about 2,800 tonnes, shipped to the most important national and international markets, reaching the different distribution chains. For the raw materials, especially wheat flour, olive oil and wine, the company gives priority to the excellent Apulian production; its suppliers has to guarantee that the raw materials provided are in conformity with the laws in force about hygiene and health care. About the production, its suppliers must meet the regulations on stocking, packaging and wrapping, transportation and delivery. Each supply is submitted to severe inspections and, in case the raw materials seem to be not in conformity with the regulations above mentioned, the batch is rejected. All products are absolutely without Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO). The peculiarity of the boiled Taralli is their special crunchiness. It is a special Apulian recipe. Taralli are still nowadays homemade by grannies in the countryside, cooked in wood stoves. Restaurants and pizzerias offer them as appetizers that go very well with white wine and dishes with extra virgin olive oil, that are the same ingredients of the Taralli. The company is looking for distributors in Brazil, China, Russia and in the USA. The perfect partner works in the field of distribution of agrofood products to restaurants; he has an excellent knowledge of the market in the target country.

Innovations and advantages

This company is a reliable partner with experience in the field of agrofood production. All produtcs are genuine thanks to the accurate selection of the raw materials. The company can count on: high quality products and attractive prices; wide products selection (company is constantly expanding its range of activities). The company follows and supports its distributors in their commercial strategy.

Market application codes

07003002 Health food

Preferred countries

Russian Federation

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Area of partner's activity

The company is looking for distributors for its products following these characteristics: - Field of activities: Trade (Buying/Selling); - Type of partner: distributors with experience in the agrofood sector which could be able to extend the company's products in other countries.


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