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Italian bicycle helmets producer is looking for distributors

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Italian company focused on the manufacturing of own branded bicycle helmets for different use (urban street, free ride, enduro), already exporting 80% of his production, wants to further increase its presence in the following markets: Austria, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, United Kingdom, Romania and the Russian Federation. The company is interested in distribution services agreements with foreign distributors in the sport and leisure sector, located in the above-listed countries.

Offer description

The Italian company comes from a well-established business in sports helmets for the racing industry (motorcycles). It stepped in the racing helmets market in 1997, quickly reaching its peak with the participation in the Superbike and the bond with the famous Italian racers Max Biaggi and Loris Capirossi, that sponsored the company's brand by wearing several models of their helmets . The Superbike World Championship is the official world championship series where riders from all over the world have been competing since 1988; superbike racing is a category of motorcycle racing, where racing motorcycles must have four-stroke engines of between 850 cc and 1200 cc for twins, and between 750 cc and 1000 cc for four cylinder machines; it is a great occasion for manufacturers in the field to get visibility and be worldwide known. In 2013, after many successes, the company sold the branch and brand of motorcycle helmets in order to entirely focus on the division bicycle helmets. At present, 80% of total production is sold abroad: the company can count on a widespread presence in Oceania, Asia and, of course, Europe. However, as the company is strengthening its international growth strategy, it is currently looking for new dealers willing to help increase the presence in Denmark, Austria, Sweden, Germany, United Kingdom, Romania and the Russian Federation. Final targets are dealers owning suitable warehouses, in order to meet the seasonal demands which typically means increase in spring/summer. Products are developed in order to satisfy a wide range of demand: from the professional cyclist to the enduro racer, from the mountain biker to the urban street user. Different lines are thus available, all meeting the safety and quality standards in the sector (see "Client section"), as well as anallergic requirements. The company would like to get in touch with foreign dealers in the sport and leisure sector, located in the above-listed countries, interested in distributing the brand in their respective internal market by means of distribution services agreements.

Innovations and advantages

The company owns in-house facilities where a continuous research activity to improve the lightness and reduce the air impact of different materials is carried out; a patent concerning double moulding technology on the helmet is underway. The sound know-how developed on helmets combined with the color philosophy and the attention to consumers' tastes, leads to an annual collection which continuously renews the available stock.

Technology keywords

02002013 Moulding, injection moulding, sintering

Market application codes

07001004 Sporting goods, hobby equipment and athletics clothes

Preferred countries

Austria, Denmark, Germany, Romania, Russian Federation, Sweden, United Kingdom

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Area of partner's activity

Distribution services agreement is the type of cooperation sought. Distributors in the sport and leasure sector are sought in: Austria, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, United Kingdom, Romania and the Russian Federation. The ideal distributor should have appropriate warehouses to meet the high seasonality and the short time of delivery.


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