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Italian architectural and engineering SME is looking for a foreign complementary partner aiming to establish a joint venture or mutual marketing and commercial agreement.

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An Italian company providing engineering and architectural professional services both to governmental institutions and to private sector, is looking for a foreign partner wishing to establish a mutual both commercial and technical cooperation aimed at participating in bidding procedures, regional projects, public investment initiatives and relevant market opportunities; furthermore the company envisages a mutual technical cooperation aimed at participating in EU2020 relevant calls for proposals

Offer description

An Italian company offers services portfolio including architectural and landscape design, structural design and geotechnical engineering, urban and regional development and planning, infrastructure, transportation and mobility planning, conservation and valorization of cultural heritage assets, with a strong specialization in the fields of transport infrastructures and mobility; cultural heritage assets; regional and urban strategic and master planning. The team has developed a strong and extensive expertise in large, complex and multi-disciplinary projects ensuring a complete end-to-end professional and technical assistance all along the project life cycle, with a strong and permanent attention to environmental, social-economic and sustainable energy issues. The company is looking for a marketing oriented complementary partner interested in establishing a mutual both commercial and technical cooperation aimed at participating in bidding procedures, regional EU funded projects and other public investment initiatives and market opportunities, relating to the respective core services and sectors of activity. Furthermore the company envisages a mutual technical cooperation in the context of EU 2020 funded programs relating to the respective competencies and skills, and particularly as far as the Call - 2016-2017 Mobility for Growth may be concerned. The company may ensure to its potential partners: • consolidated group of highly skilled professional resources specialized in working on large, complex and multidisciplinary projects • extensive expertise and strong attitude towards networking projects in cooperation with different partners • significant projects reference list covering a wide range of professional qualifications and sectors of activity • qualified professional track record suitable for a wide range of specialized professional services meeting • close relationships with accredited professional associations, institutions and research organizations focused on engineering and advanced building technologies.

Innovations and advantages

The Company’s staff and its management consists of a group of highly skilled engineers and architects covering a wide range of professional skills. The strongest core competencies and best practices stand out in the following leading sectors: integrated transport infrastructures and mobility design and planning; conservation and valorization of cultural heritage UNESCO assets; regional and urban strategic planning; urban master planning. As a BIM (Building Information Modeling) oriented organization, the company is equipped with the necessary tools and skills to exploit this growing technology; the staff is constantly committed to optimize all the potential benefits bringing effective added value to its solutions, especially as far as networking projects in cooperation with different partners may be concerned. The company envisages to share its experiences and skills with the potential partner, aiming to undertake a wider range of complex and multi-disciplinary projects; within its leading sectors and competencies the company is able to ensure an extensive technical and organizational experience track record demonstrating the suitability to undertake qualified projects.

Market application codes

09003001 Engineering services
09007 Construction and Building Products
09007004 Engineering and consulting services related to construction

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Type of partner sought

The prospect partner is expected to: • have complementary professional competencies and fields of specializations • have a deep knowledge of its own market, industry and technical legislation • to be in contact with the business and scientific community, the local stakeholders and the relevant institutional actors • wishing to expand its activities within its own market and/or to jointly address new target markets The company envisages a close commercial cooperation aimed at monitoring, identifying and selecting the most appropriate and viable opportunities within the target markets; also envisages a close technical cooperation aimed at sharing best practices, competencies and technical skills in order to draw up successful high quality technical bids It may be envisaged a general framework cooperation agreement both commercial and technical, to be adapted on a case by case basis in compliance with each single specific call for tender, expression of interest or market opportunity.


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