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IT Infrastructure Consultancy and Solution Services from UK

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A UK based company with offices in London and Nottingham is offering consultation and advice on how SMEs can benefit from their streamlined IT infrastructure, offering solutions to reduce costs and increase productivity. The company has experience with and is offering service agreements to all sizes of businesses and private sector organizations.

Offer description

The UK company offers a bespoke service for its clients whereby the effectiveness of their current IT infrastructure is assessed to find solutions that simultaneously reduce clients' annual costs, increase productivity and minimize the demand on clients' current IT department or eliminate the need for one entirely. The company services both the private and public sector with tailored solutions specific to each company's individual needs and priorities. Having worked with conglomerates with a 2000-3000 strong workforce, experience has allowed the company to expand from its offices in London and set up offices in the Midlands, with further expansion in development. As a growing company itself there is a complete understanding of how newer enterprises work. This is why the company offers the best in support within its services. Thus, also a start-up company in Europe could be an ideal customer for this business. A broad range of products and services is offered, including: - managed and unmanaged cloud-accessible server platforms, allowing for productivity anytime and anywhere. There is no need for customers to worry about setup as the company has a team of experts who can assist every step of the way - top notch security options with Data Loss Prevention capabilities safeguarding private files. - Unified Communication tools including VoIP and hosted mail for uninterrupted and cohesive contact internally and externally in the workplace - business applications including CRM software, cloud storage and file sharing will compartmentalize most important data in the most efficient ways - complete setup service and ongoing support are a priority – 24/7 guidance on selected services will ensure a smooth process when it comes to understanding new and tricky technology.

Innovations and advantages

Key selling points for the bespoke IT infrastructure consultancy and solution service: • Reduction in costly on-site hardware, thus also reducing maintenance and energy costs. The company is a supplier of green technology and strive to offer an ethical service. • Offering SMEs the benefits of the latest software technology. Keeping up to date is crucial for any business striving to keep up with competitors and we regularly provide the newest products on the market to give your company the edge. • A highly-skilled IT support service allows for greater reliability for the client's business.

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02006002 Computer leasing and rentals
02006004 Data processing, analysis and input services
02006005 Big data management
02006007 Databases and on-line information services
02006008 Data storage

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Area of partner's activity

The professional services are offered to all size of businesses as well as public organizations looking to decrease cost on hardware and software. The initial contact will be based on free consultation and advice on how clients could benefit from streamlined IT infrastructure, including possible solutions to reduce costs and increase productivity.


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