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Irish company offers innovative ticketing software to the events sector

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This Irish company provides innovative, cloud based ticketing software. It allows the user to have complete control over their own digital ticket sales process including pricing, customer data and reporting. It is free to install directly on the user’s website, social media platforms and other affiliate websites. The company wish to enter into a partnership/distribution services or licence agreement with interested partners that can then sell the product in their domestic market.

Offer description

This company has developed a unique cloud based ticketing software which can be installed directly on to the client’s website, social media platform or affiliate websites. With no capital outlay to the customer, this cost efficient and easy to use eticketing system is quickly gaining traction within the events sector with over 500,000 tickets processed to date. The transactions happen within the customer’s website which strengthens the brand integrity. Payments are made directly to the customer’s merchant account in a secure transaction environment. The system integrates with the client’s current payment processor e.g. Realex, Stripe, Worldnet, Sage Pay. The customer is in complete control of the ticketing sales process including pricing, sales times/schedules and all aspects of customer engagement. Access control for the events is flexible and easy-to-use. The client can choose either high-speed scanners and/or mobile app. This logs all scanned tickets, giving up to date information on data, plus immediate alerts for duplicate ticket entry attempts. The system allows tickets to be purchased from a smart phone and the ticket to be scanned straight from the mobile device, allowing a completely paperless transaction. It has applications in a wide range of areas including racecourses, agricultural shows, car parks, music venues, theatres, sporting organisations, adventure parks, country houses, conferences and events. This innovative software has been developed through continuous engagement with the end user to deliver a booking solution that is designed by customers for customers. As part of global expansion the company is seeking to partner with organisations worldwide with existing sales in sectors such as sporting organisations, racecourses, visitor attractions, outdoor events, transport companies and music venues. The company can provide quality, professional customer support through a dedicated Account Manager with full technical support. Plans to to have additional languages built in to the system are progressing. Currently, the system is embedded directly on the client's website. Therefore if a client's website is set up for Google Translate, as well as changing the language of the website it also changes the language of the system or the system will allow all text to be amended into another language and the style sheet (CSS) would be amended to include the translation.

Innovations and advantages

The Cloud based ticketing software modernises and transforms traditional tickets sales processes. The modular architecture enables customised solutions to individual customers. It is hosted by Amazon Web Servers which allows it to deliver capacity, scale and security. The unique software integrates directly into clients' website via an embedded code designed to facilitate the entire customer journey from purchasing a ticket online to entry in on the day of the event. Clients can choose between ultra fast bar-code scanners or use the free to download mobile app to check customers in, over any available internet connection. The advanced dashboard allows for the management of all aspects of the system.

Technology keywords

01003008 Data Processing / Data Interchange, Middleware
01003015 Knowledge Management, Process Management
01003018 User Interfaces, Usability
01003024 Cloud Technologies
01004015 ICM - Internet Content Management

Market application codes

02007002 Database and file management
02007014 Other industry specific software
02007015 Integrated software
02007023 Web semantics
02007024 Programming services/systems engineering

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Type of partner sought

Sporting organisations, racecourses, visitor attractions, outdoor events, music venues, media, and sports insurance to distribute or partner with.


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