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Integration of mobile audio and video equipment in sportswear, protective garments and smart homes

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Profile type: Business offer


A German SME is looking for collaborations in the field of the applications of electronical devices. The SME aims to integrate their products like headphones, screens, pedometer etc. into products from the sports- and work clothes industry as well security and building automation products. The cooperation could lead to new markets through innovative cross-branch products, as well as the opening of new client bases. Targeted types of cooperation are subcontracting and manufacturing agreements.

Offer description

A German SME, active in the development and sales of electronical devices and lifestyle products, operating in 6 counties and having 3 branches in Asia and Europe is searching for distribution partners. The company offers a wide range of products in the fields of audio, video, computing, home and health, presentation aids, phone and tablet and gifts and gadgets including Bluetooth Speakers, Bluetooth headphones, portable TVs, USB TV receivers, portable MP3 Hi-Fi systems, Bluetooth receiver and transmitters, pedometers, laser pointers, LED lamps etc. Whereas the company is currently most active in developing and distributing products in the US, Germany, Italy, France, Spain and in the UK the company strives to deepen its presence also in related industries on the whole European market. Therefore the Company is looking for collaborations in the broad field of the application of consumer electronical devices. The SME aims to integrate prdoucts, like Bluetooth headphones, microphones, portable TVs etc. into other products of related industries. For example the sports- and workclothes industry as well as the security industry and building automation are possible partners. The focus of the partnership would be the development and improvement of products, due to the xxpertise of each partner.

Innovations and advantages

The cooperation could offer both partners: - the opening up of new business markets through new innovational cross-branch products, as well as the opening of new client bases. - the improvement and development of existing products in the spirit of a growing desire of customers for helpful electronic devices in the field of sport and work clothing. - the development and improvement of products in the field of security- and monitory systems, due to the know-how of the SME in fields of wireless data transfers (Bluetooth, Wireless LAN), portable televisions and microphones.

Market application codes

09004001 Business products and supplies
09004003 Textiles (synthetic and natural)
09004008 Other manufacturing (not elsewhere classified)
09007005 Facility management companies
09008001 Electric companies

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Area of partner's activity

The SME is looking for industrial partners active in the field of sport- and work clothes manufacturing as well as for companies working in the security- and building automation industry. The purpose of the partnership is the integration of electronic devices into other products of related industries. Therefore the sought partner should have experience in the reciprocal production or should at least be able to develop a certain product together with an external partner.


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