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Integrated software for morphing and shape optimization

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An Italian SME with expertise in CAE (computer-aided engineering) and ICT has developed an innovative software that allows shape optimization through mesh morphing. The software is already in the market. The partners sought are SMEs or R&D Institutions interested in a distribution services agreement.

Offer description

An Italian SME active in ICT sector, with a consolidate experience with international cooperation, has developed a software that allows shape optimization by morphing an existing mesh. A dedicated Graphical User Interface (GUI) has been developed and integrated in the system. The product is an integrated system for morphing and shape optimization tailored for the Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) solver ANSYS Fluent. ANSYS Fluent is one of the most powerful computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software tool available. Fluent includes well-validated physical modelling capabilities to deliver fast, accurate results across the widest range of CFD and multi-physics applications. The main features of the add-on software are: - User interface dedicated GUI and TUI (Text User Interface) scriptable; - Process integration, morphing directly inside the solving stage without modifying the geometry, regenerating the mesh and setup again the case; - Modification of the original surface and volume mesh producing a nodal smoothing without changing the mesh topology; - High quality smoothing of the volume mesh with relatively large movements possible in a single step deformation; - Versatility, nodal smoothing is achieved by means of a mesh-less approach that is independent from mesh structure, handing every kind of mesh element type (tetrahedral, hexahedral, prismatic, non-conformal interfaces, etc.); - Reusability, the RBF solution can be applied to any different mesh representing the same geometry; - Consistency, mesh characteristics are preserved so mesh consistency is ensured; - Parallelism, parallel calculation for large models (many millions of cells); - Efficiency, flow solutions are fully readable through all morphed mesh reducing the number of iterations to converge; - Precision, exact movement is ensured for the moving nodes locations as well as exact feature preservation; - Parameterization, multi-parameter and multi-step problems. The SME is looking for new distribution partners. Suitable partners should be either an SME active on the software market to work under distribution services agreement or a research and development Institution.

Innovations and advantages

The company provides software development and implementation services to several industrial sectors such as automotive, motor-sports, defence, aerospace, biomed, energy, oil and gas, consumer products. The SME is continuously growing the software. The aim of the technology is to perform fast mesh morphing using a mesh-independent approach based on state-of-the-art RBF (Radial Basis Functions) techniques. It has lots advantages like: • Reduces Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) model building time • Rapidly converts CFD models to intelligent parametric CAE models, enabling fast design iterations & Design Of Experiment (DOE) studies • Enables Multi-Disciplinary Optimization to meet design targets, minimize product weight and minimize manufacturing cost • It forms the main link between CAE & Design teams

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Area of partner's activity

The SME is looking for partners to distribute the software on external markets. Partners sought are companies dealing with software commercialization or R&D institutions that are interested in distribution service agreement.


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