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Innovative telematic platform developer is looking for partners ready to implement and/or sell the product

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A micro company from North-East Poland operating in the IT sector developed a telematic platform for monitoring vehicles in real-time. This solution is addressed to logistic, transport companies willing to improve their work as well as decrease the costs of management and maintenance of vehicles or vessels fleet. The company is looking for cooperation in the form of license agreement, distribution agreement or service agreement.

Offer description

A micro company operating on IT market since 2008 has developed innovative product for vehicles monitoring. The company was working in the software engineering and lately it widened its range of products and supplies partners with complex IT solutions that are tailored to the clients’ needs. The company developed a telematic platform for real-time processing of data that is gathered remotely from mobile devices around the world. Thanks to the use of innovative IT solution and high performance it is able to rapidly detect expected events. Additionally, advanced data modelling integrated into Business Intelligence platform enables the user to generate complex reports. The platform can be used by fleet managers (vans, cars, trucks, etc.), vessels managers, building machinery owners, property protection companies. The most important application functions are as follows: 1. real-time vehicles localisation (position refreshing every few seconds), 2. on-going monitoring of route and measurement from vehicles, 3. history and animation of travelled routes, 4. unlimited access to archived data, 5. Google maps with Street View, 6. traffic jams information, 7. advanced search engine of Places of Interest (POI) 8. maps’ personalisation (geozones, POI points), 9. monitoring of drivers’ work time, 10. business / personal mode drive monitoring, 11. daily mileage control and settlement, 12. information about stops in the defined places, 13. permanent fuel control, 14. access to board computer data, 15. exploitation parameters of vehicles’ analysis, 16. routes planning, determining the end points, 17. reporting and analysis – the possibility of viewing application and exporting to Excel or PDF format, 18. communication and alerts via e-mails, text messages or application, 19. 24/7 vehicles control, 20. interface for integration with external systems, 21. possibility for contractors to view the situation, 22. mobile access (iOS, Android). The company is looking for cooperation with distributors in the form of distribution services agreement, with buyers in the form of service agreement and representatives (licensees) in the form of license agreement. The outcome of the cooperation will be platform implementation in European Union countries. The company is offering the trainings, devices assembly ( about 10 kinds of devises), adjusting the application to the licensees brand and implementing the platform on licensees’ / buyers/ servers.

Innovations and advantages

All platform components are designed in the way to provide rapid access to required data and essential information in order to improve the performance and minimise the costs of management and maintenance of vehicles and vessels fleet. The platform is easy to use even for non-professionals. The platform provides the users with: 1. extra money savings, 2. abuse elimination, 3. reliable source of information, 4. spending rationalisation, 5. security improvement, 6. work optimisation, 7. tool for analysis and reporting, 8. work verification. The solution uses the newest technologies as there was a big technology boom in this IT sector in 2015. The solutions that are present on the market (eg. TomTom) are older and at the moment they do not contain the newest technologies. The company’s owner has a big experience in the branch as he was working for multinational IT companies. The company has started to sell the product in 2016.

Current stage of development

The company started to sell the product in 2016. The platform is working in Polish. The English version is ready to be implemented if needed. It is designed to work in other languages (requires only translation that should take few days).

Technology keywords

01004003 Applications for Transport and Logistics

Market application codes

02007001 Systems software
02007002 Database and file management
02007007 Applications software
02007014 Other industry specific software

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Area of partner's activity

Type: business partners from European Union countries, Activity: transport, logistic, yachts and boats owners – fleet managers, building machinery, property protection companies. Role: the partners will be responsible for platform implementation and/or product distribution


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