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Innovative Polish IT company interested in exporting their unique products using virtual reality technology

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An innovative IT company from Poland develops unique solutions in software and applications, using among others the virtual reality (VR) technology. They are interested in exporting their products and finding partners beyond the IT industry to create practical interdisciplinary solutions under a distribution agreement. Outsourcing of employees and subcontracting for foreign partners are also considered.

Offer description

A Polish enterprise comprehensively involved in providing IT services based on innovative and unique technologies. The company employs a professional team of programmers and graphic designers with best qualifications and experience in the industry. They succeeded in worldwide competitions such as the Microsoft Imagine Cup presenting innovative solutions and ideas that respond to different needs. The company creates applications and mobile games, as well as web, native, hybrid and desktop applications which may be useful in the process of optimising resources in business and marketing. Another field of activity is creating and upgrading software, web and graphic design. In creating new products, the company uses the latest technologies, including Virtual Reality Near Field Communication (VR NFC). Their mission is to create innovative and unique solutions, unprecedented on the national scale and competitive on foreign markets. The company works on building a strong and financially independent brand, investing in new ideas. Major fields of development are: Smart City, Virtual Reality, advanced games, space technology. The client is open for cooperation with companies which are outside the IT industry, where it could be possible create practical interdisciplinary solutions - on the border between different areas of life. The company is focused on export. Product portfolio includes, among others, the following systems and applications: - Prime Manager - a system designed for effective time management of teams. The information system streamlines business operations by providing a multifunctional tool among others applications for mobile workers, a card reader, beacon, web application for a director or executive department, computing infrastructure, working in the cloud Azure. It is a solution for office, transport, construction, hotels, sales, account management, etc. The system enables designation of jobs, presents the list of ongoing projects locations, exact map location of a workplace, displays the list of employees, enables verification of the number of hours worked and the exact location of individual employees. - Web applications and mobile VR: a professional system for virtual reality, well adapted for sharing of pictures and videos 360. The system allows the full benefit of oculus and cardboard. The software allows to post videos and photos through a web panel that is synchronised with the mobile VR application. The application is useful for the real estate industry, art galleries, museums, car showrooms. It enables having a virtual tour of the world (street view). Other products offered: • Mobile apps • Mobile games • Web apps • Desktop apps • Websites • Video and Animations • Brand visual identity Types of partnership considered: exporting IT products (applications) based on a distribution services agreement or a subcontracting agreement; outsourcing of employees.

Innovations and advantages

Virtual Reality is a powerful promotional tool for brands and products. The client offers comprehensive services related to the VR technology: delivery oculus rift, cardboards, building the applications and taking spatial photos and videos. Using only a cheap cardboard and suitable mobile and web application, the user can enter the world of virtual reality. Great experience enables this company to create advanced and also attractive, useful and user-friendly products. This company is a regional leader in using the Virtual Reality technology and has a great potential of development. The company is quickly expanding in to the European markets and significant international experience as well as open approach to breaktrough innovation make this client a unique candidate for business partnership.

Technology keywords

01004004 ASP Application Service Providing
01004014 Serious Games
01005006 Visualisation, Virtual Reality

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02007007 Applications software
02007027 Other software services

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Every industrial company, academic centre, research centre, business company requiring technological support. Future partner should be reliable and actively involved in cooperation, with the focus on maintaining long-term business relations. Exchange of opinions on possible areas of improvement and development would be appreciated.


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