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Innovative high quality and heavy duty products for a significant reduction in the consumption of water and related energy for water heating in hotels, factories, hospitals, households and other places. Looking for distributors from abroad.

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A Czech company offers own high quality water flow restrictors for significant reduction in the consumption of water and related heat for water heating. The products bring variability in adjustment of water flow (up to 70%); resistance to lime scale, temperature and chemicals and keep high level of user comfort. The products are tailored to heavy duty usage (hotels, factories, hospitals) as well as households. The company is looking for distribution partners from abroad.

Offer description

The Czech company has been developing own products for water saving since 2002. Several inventions have been already patented. The product portfolio consists of water flow restrictors mounted to faucets at washbasins/kitchen sinks, showers or the products mounted in toilet flushing systems. The company focuses mainly on Czech market, but it has been already exporting its products to abroad, e.g. Russia, USA, Cyprus, India, Spain and others. The company has proven high potential of grow in B2B sectors (target groups), mainly in buildings with high water and related heat consumption (hospitals, hotels, factories, etc.) where users (patients, visitors, workers) usually do not take into an account amount of consumed water. Of course, the products are also used by households. In B2B sector, both good value recognition by management and high absorption capacity (number of products sold) have been proven by company. Furthermore, the company experienced higher demand in countries with scarce water resources. Thus the company is looking for distribution partners (companies) from abroad with an access to aforementioned sectors in different countries.

Innovations and advantages

• As the company´s products are able to save up to 70 % of water, they are also able to save up to 70% of heat needed for heating of water. Thus the products have significant positive impact on reduction of expenses related to consumed heat as well as on reduction of CO2 footprint. Typical savings of water and heat (energy) are in the range 20% - 50%. • Unique design and used materials lead to high resistance to creation of limescale. Thus the restrictors are not blocked by limescale during longer period of time as may happen at some competitive products. • Adjustable for different flow rates taking in account local water pressure in the pipeline and specific customer requirements. This unique feature enables to set easily preferred water flow during installation. The water flow can be set from 1,5 L/min up to 14 L/min. • Creates the illusion of a full flow of water. Original and unique solutions to water regulation and subsequent result is indistinguishable from conventional aerators. • Only heavy-duty materials are used. The products are resistant to aggressive chemicals and withstand temperature up to 180 °C • The company offers 5-years warranty and based on current experience the lifetime period is estimated to 20 years at least. • All products have hygiene certificates. • Easy installation and practically no maintenance needed.

Market application codes

08004003 Water treatment equipment and waste disposal systems

Comments, number and date of patent

Utility models registered on main European markets and a chosen markets outside Europe.

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Area of partner's activity

The company is looking for enthusiastic distribution partners (companies) from abroad with access to high potential B2B sectors in different countries. These distribution partners can be companies: - providing facility management services - (big) companies supplying water/gas/electricity which are able to sell or give these products to their customer and thus prove their social responsibility policies. - wholesalers: companies distributing similar or complementary products. The company is also open to commercial agreement with manufactures of faucets which will be able to mount these water restrictors to their faucets adding it further value. In all proposed partnerships, the company is willing to provide comprehensive support (practical training, marketing materials and technical support) to enable fast spreading of its products.


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