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Hungarian SME is looking for commercial agencies, distributors for its innovative hand disinfection control device

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A research team of a Hungarian university spin-off developed a device for automatic assessment of hand hygiene quality. The device provides an objective assessment for staff hand cleanness, efficiently minimises nosocomial infections. The device can be used in healthcare, nursing homes, hospitality and food industry, clean-tech production, biotech-related manufacturing. The company is looking for distributors or commercial agents active in the sales of hygiene, medical products.

Offer description

The Hungarian health-tech company focuses on the unmet and critical need of reducing healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) that causes more than 250,000 unnecessary deaths in the developed world and 1.4 million cases a day worldwide. The SME developed an innovative device for providing immediate quality-assured feedback regarding hand hygiene. The device provides an accurate and objective snapshot of what hand surfaces have been disinfected, and based on the findings of this analysis, the software establishes whether hand washing quality complies with hygienic standards. Technology operational process: • Hand washing is performed with the UV-marked hand rub mix, which appears brighter on surfaces sufficiently treated with the alcoholic disinfectant. The specification of the original material guarantees the effectiveness of the cleaning. • Pictures of the hands are taken in the UV-lighted box with integrated wide angled digital cameras. • The palmar and the dorsal sides of the hand are recorded one after the other, or dual-side imaging is performed on one hand at a time. • Results are calculated by system software and shown on the monitor. Results can be accessed later from the reporting platform There is a personalized reporting system providing statistics about hand hygiene compliance and progress. The device has the ability to track individuals with its identification system, thus a continuous, more comprehensive monitoring of the staff’s hand hygiene is available, outlining the organization’s hand hygiene trends. This feature plays a key role in the long-term study of hand hygiene progress at department level. Using the device, it is possible to give a scientifically thorough assessment of each shift, staff or age group’s hand hygiene behavioral pattern. The continuous presence and usage of the device offers the opportunity to be integrated into the quality assurance system of the hospital. The company is looking for distributors or commercial agents active in the sales of hygiene, medical products to push sales in the individual countries.

Innovations and advantages

The system conducts automatic checks after every hand washing, not just a couple of times a year. Existing solutions have failed to execute a full-scale check of hand-wash completeness. The device can effectively teach and control hand rubbing in any environment by relying on digital technology as its source of feedback. The scanner provides immediate and objective feedback related to the quality and thoroughness of the act of hand washing. Such feedback is essential for proper improvement. With its online reporting system, the device helps to significantly improve hand hygiene practices, while monitoring hand hygiene compliance. It is easy to use, accurate and prevents large-scale epidemics.

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02007010 Education software
02007012 Medical/health software
03007002 Other measuring devices
05002005 Other medical imaging
05007007 Other medical/health related (not elsewhere classified)

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Area of partner's activity

- Type of partner sought: industry - Specific area of activity of the partner: Trade (Buying/Selling) of e.g. hygiene-, medical products - Task to be performed: The partner's role will be the introduction of the innovative hand disinfection control device into the foreign market.


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