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Hungarian event organiser company is looking for distribution partners for its own developed presentation system.

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Hungarian company active on the field of event organisation has developed an electronic presentation system. The company wishes to expand in foreign markets and is therefore looking for partners in Europe, Africa, Asia and America (both North- and South America) in the frame of commercial agency agreement, distribution services agreement, manufacturing agreement, or services agreement.

Offer description

The Hungarian company has almost 20 years of experience in the organisation of scientific conferences and other professional events. It ensures the whole implementation and the required technical background. The company developed this presentation system according to market needs, to ensure the presentation of posters during scientific conferences convenient, on a small place, without printing. The posters show a short summary of the researches. Traditionally these posters had to be sent to the congress, and were presented on display walls, stabilised with glue or pins. The presenter had to print and transport the poster to the conference venue, and the organiser had to ensure the display place. With the new presentation system, 15 posters can be presented on one device, and the participants can choose the needed poster with the buttons placed next to the display. The presenter only has to prepare the poster in the highest possible quality .pdf or .jpeg format (optimal size is 1080 x 1920 pixel) and send it to the organiser. The stand is stable and has wheels, the designing is in progress. LCD and LED televisions with VESA (Video Electronics Standards Association) 40x40 cm standard fitting can be mounted on the stand. The controlling electronics including the computer and the buttons joins the television console. The electronics are European standard 230V, the system can be produced also according to clients’ requirements. The system can be used in the way described above, and allows several other possibilities, e.g. presentation of information material on fairs, as a traditional screen, description of stores and map in shopping centres, in customer services, etc. The company wishes to distribute its products also on foreign markets, and is looking therefore for distribution partners and/or commercial agents in Europe, Africa, Asia and America (both Nort- and South-America). Possible way of cooperation is also a manufacturing agreement with companies, who also distribute the product. In the frame of services agreement the long term renting of these products is also possible.

Innovations and advantages

The Hungarian company developed the presentation system, in order to be able to present the posters of scientific conferences in a simple, economic and convenient way, without printing, on a small surface. The system allows the presentation of 15 posters on each device. There is no need of display panels, gluing and pinning of the posters. The 120 cm (47.24 inches) Full HD LED displayer allows perfect view for pictures, graphics and small letters, with portrait or landscape orientation. The presentation system can be placed at any congress venue – in the lobby, in small halls, etc. The posters can be arranged flexible to sections, grouped by topic, presenter, the date of the presentation, or other criteria. The system offers a cost- and place effective solution.

Current stage of development

The product is already available on the market, the designing is in progress.

Technology keywords

01001002 Digital Systems, Digital Representation
01004002 Applications for Tourism
01005006 Visualisation, Virtual Reality
01006001 Audiovisual Equipment and Communication

Market application codes

01006005 Other communications (not elsewhere classified)
07006 Other Consumer Related (not elsewhere classified)
09003002 Advertising and public relations

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Area of partner's activity

Potential partners can be distributors of conference equipment, stationary, office equipment, event organisers, or manufacturer companies, who are also suppliers to such companies and are able to bring the product on the market. The potential partner has to be reliable with a stable financial background, seated in Europe, Africa, Asia and America (both Nort- and South-America).


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