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Hungarian energy management software developing company already on the international market is looking for system integrators

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A Hungarian energy management software developing SME with a strong experience in automation and system engineering has been involved in developing energy management solutions for the industrial and building-complexes sector for over 10 years. The company is looking for system integrator partners as agents.

Offer description

In 2003 few long-time colleagues and friends got together to create their industrial automation firm. Around 2006 a dynamically growing demand for energy management applications was observed, mostly from production plants and building complexes. This recognition led the company to interpret the highly valuable practical field knowledge (hardware, software, system integration) and appoint several specialists to develop the very own energy management software. Since the beginning focus is put on building long-lasting relationships. Today, the software is an internationally recognised energy management software, employing some of the brightest talent in the industry and producing flawless experiences for some of the biggest brands around. The Hungarian SME applies strategic thinking, practical insight and market research to the continuous development process. Their approach is collaborative, responsive and knowledgeable, with the goal of delivering success from the system integration, end-user experience and business perspectives. Apart from the software being one of the most competitive energy management software on the market, additional services are also offered to help the project work, like project consultation, dedicated fast response TechTeam Support and remote engineer service, as well. The team is offering an energy management software, a vital component for the ISO 50001 energy standard system, ensuring the continuous development of energy efficiency and also managing renewable and alternative energy. Unlike most software developer companies, the company gained a firm experience in integrating energy management systems, including the process of planning, auditing, proposal making, topology creation, hardware selection, delivering and aftercare. System integrators wish to work with easy to implement systems that still have the complexity to serve their client’s needs at an affordable price. End-users wish to receive a flawless solution they can use as a powerful tool to complete their everyday tasks. The company is looking for partners for commercial agency agreement.

Innovations and advantages

The energy management software has a modular structure to serve the individual needs of the clients and also provide real-time data visualisation, superior reporting facilities, sophisticated alarming systems and analytical advisory. The unique feature is the business intelligence module, which allows the software to fit individual demands without the need for deploying professional programming. This feature enables the software to obey expectations globally, as central legislation could be different in every country. During the development process special attention was paid to make the system integrators’ job as easy and quick as possible. The energy management software is also commercially attractive due to the pay-as-you-go business model, no on-going monthly fee is required, leaving the control with the customer. References: Audi, Michelin, Honda, Fiat, TEVA, Schneider Electric etc.

Technology keywords

01002004 Embedded Systems and Real Time Systems
01003013 Information Technology/Informatics
04007001 Energy management
10002013 Clean Production / Green Technologies

Market application codes

02006004 Data processing, analysis and input services
02007015 Integrated software
06006002 Metering and monitoring
08002001 Energy management
09007005 Facility management companies

Intellectual property rights

Other (registered design, plant variety, etc)

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Area of partner's activity

- Type of partner sought: system integrators, facility managers, factories, automation - Specific area of activity of the partner: system integration, energy management, facility management - Task to be performed: The company would like to establish long-term cooperation with partner. The Hungarian company is looking for partners with a positive financial status to ensure a long successful partnership.


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