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Hot forged parts and Zn-Ni coating services offered by an experienced Romanian automotive industry supplier

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The Romanian company has a long track record of international contracts in the field of automotive and is offering to become a subcontractor or manufacturer for the supply of hot forged parts and Zn-Ni coating services. The company uses state of the art machines and equipment, provided by high-end technology developers. Typical hot forged products are: gear box pinions, wheels, bearing blanks, flanges etc. Zn-Ni alloy electroplating can be applied to metal parts, pipes, spring, rods etc.

Offer description

The Romanian company is a major player in the field of automotive, performing specific tasks and industrial processes for top companies from all-over the globe. Owning a considerably large and modern technological platform the company is able to produce and supply a wide range of parts, components or finished products, starting from springs and stampings to very complex products like steering gears and components for turbochargers and injectors. The company would like to draw the attention of potential business partners towards its technological capacities in terms of hot forging and Zn-Ni (zinc-nickel) alloy electroplating. These processes grant special properties to the resulting products such as: increased strength characteristics, prevents work hardening, increased lifetime of the products and extended protection against corrosion. 1. For the hot forging of metal parts the company uses both vertical and horizontal processing machines provided by global technology leaders in the field. The company is able to manufacture parts with a maximum diameter/part of 100mm and a maximum weight/part of 2.5 kilograms. Typical products fitting these capacities are gear box pinions, wheels, bearing blanks and flanges. However, other similar products can be forged according to the specific needs and technical drawings of the contracting partner. 2. Zn-Ni (zinc-nickel) alloy electroplating is a coating process highly required, particularly in automotive applications. The Romanian company can provide this specific coating for parts such as: machined parts, stamped parts, bushings and pipes, small coil springs, rods, bolts etc. The minimum thickness of the coating layer is 8 µm. The process complies with the standard ISO 9227. Aiming to provide a good integration of the products and services offered to its contracting partners, the company can provide additional technologies: CNC machining; cutting/ punching/ bending/ rolling of metal sheets; stamping; robot welding; laser cutting; wire erosion; brazing; metal coatings (phosphating, brawning); water and powder painting; KTL painting; heat treatment and assembling. As most of the products resulted from these processes are parts or components that will be further-on integrated by the partner company in more complex assemblies, the typical cooperation forms targeted by the company are subcontracting or manufacturing agreement. Automotive players or other industrial companies are invited to explore cooperation opportunities with the Romanian company and to find out more about its complex production capacities.

Innovations and advantages

The advantages of working with this specific Romanian company are: • In depth knowledge of automotive requirements • Availability of state of the art machines and equipment • Integration of processes and technologies All these advantages are reflected in the high quality of the products manufactured by the company and are confirmed by a long list of international cooperation contracts implemented successfully.

Technology keywords

02002002 Coatings
02002005 Forming (rolling, forging, pressing, drawing)
02002010 Machining (turning, drilling, moulding, planning, cutting)

Market application codes

08003001 Machine tools, other metal working equipment (excl. numeric control)

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Type of partner sought

Cooperation is desired in the form of subcontracting or manufacturing agreement. Due to its considerable experience in the field the Romanian company is targeting especially automotive companies. However, companies from other industrial fields, regardless of their size, needing parts manufactured using the above mentioned technologies are invited to prospect cooperation options.


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