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High tech equipped inpatient rehabilitation hospital, in search for a service agreement partnership

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The Romanian company is offering complex healthcare services and a holistic approach of patients at its own premises, a 180-bed modern inpatient rehabilitation hospital. Five major continuous treatment healthcare services are offered: neurological rehabilitation, psychiatry, cardiovascular rehabilitation, medical rehabilitation, palliative care. The company is looking for a partner interested in capitalizing on these healthcare services according to a service agreement.

Offer description

The Romanian company, located in Northern Transylvania, started its activities in 2015, aiming to fill a void on the domestic healthcare market: advanced rehabilitation medical services. The company built a modern hospital, a five level building, with a built surface covering 1.100 square meters and a total of 180 inpatient beds. An experienced multidisciplinary medical team assesses each patient and proposes recovery objectives and personalized treatment regimes. The objective of this team is to offer patients real chances of fast recovery and reintegration in the family and society. The medical infrastructure comprises two medical gyms, a pool for hydrotherapy, rooms for electrotherapy, thermotherapy, massage, occupational therapy and art therapy. The hospital has a multifunctional room and several relaxing spaces on each floor. The patients can have their meals in the restaurant or in their ward, depending on their disposition and mobility. The hospital’s physiotherapists are trained in neurological pathology recovery after neurosurgical interventions, for effort retraining after orthopedic or cardiopulmonary disorders. Water procedures, such as hydro gym in the hospital’s pool, are additionally used in kinesiology, completing other procedures such as paraffin heat therapy, relaxation and tonifying massage. In electrotherapy, low frequency currents are used (analgesics) and excitomotors: TENS (Trans Electric Nerve Stimulation), exponentials, medium frequency currents (diathermy via shortwaves) and transformational currents (ultrasound, laser therapy, magnetic therapy and deep oscillation). By means of occupational therapy, the patients are guided by the therapists to earn their independence in ADLs (Activities of Daily Living). At the same time, using art therapy, the patients will discover new hobbies adapted to their disabilities, giving them the satisfaction of creating an object by themselves. Patients from other countries, in search of long term affordable health rehabilitation services, are expected to access the offered services. So far, the company welcomed patients from the United States of America, Holland and Australia. The company is in search of a partner interested in promoting the company’s services to patients from other countries, acting either as an insurance company or as a medical tourism agent.

Innovations and advantages

• The company built the biggest private rehabilitation hospital in Romania, situated in a natural environment of 58.000 square meters. The hospital allows patients to spend a great part of their time outdoors, whether it is about ergo therapy activities, walking paths for recovery programs or simply a walk in the orchard. • The company applies the therapeutically concept of personal medical rehabilitation, adapted to the personal needs of each patient. In this respect, a holistic approach is defined, integrating treatment means and recovery for the body, mind and soul. • The company benefits from the presence of an international airport in the proximity (approx.20 km), road and railway facile access from abroad, thus facing no problems in embracing patients from other countries.

Market application codes

05003001 Therapeutic services
05010001 Safety for the elderly
05010003 Patient rehabilitation & training

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Type of partner sought

The company is primarily seeking a health insurance company or a medical tourism agency to establish a long-term service agreement with. The foreseen role of the partner is to promote the client’s services to potential beneficiaries of the offered healthcare continuous treatments. The cooperation expectations regard the professional support of the partner to help the company open its services to patients from other countries, in search of long-term affordable health rehabilitation services.


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