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High speed broadband by satellite provider for SMEs seeks partners

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This UK company is delivering superfast broadband at speeds of up to 45MBit/s for domestic / SME applications using two way satellite communications. The advantage is that high speed broadband can be provided in hard to reach places with straightforward installation and at a cost effective tariff suited to the need. Distribution services agreements are offered to partners at home and abroad. Technical consultancy services are also offered as a subcontractor.

Offer description

This UK company has decades of experience providing rapid deployment of Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) satellite communications services in demanding situations such as aircraft on ground, security operations and maritime services. The company provides hardware equipment as required and provides services on short term or long term contract. Products and services include the following: • Fully managed branded platform for broadband via satellite for voice, data and video transmission with full quality of service management and control for global delivery • Training in all aspects of telecommunications The company is offering distribution services agreements to trade intermediaries. The company can also provide training and technical consultancy services as a subcontractor.

Innovations and advantages

This company has substantial expertise in telecommunications and offers several advantages to partners:- * The key advantage is that high speed broadband can be provided to remote or hard to reach places such as on islands, farm fields, caravan parks, isolated country houses, etc. * Installation is straightforward and rapid. * Flexible and cost effective tariffs are available suited to the needs, domestic or commercial, short or long term. • An exclusive partnership for specific countries/territories. • The UK company will provide marketing support, including the development of a marketing plan, design and provision of marketing materials (for printing locally by partner). • Initial translation of content and product information will be managed by the UK company, but with support of the partner to adapt for local requirements. • Full training in the use and installation of the products will be provided. The company has their own training facility in the UK. • The company can offer technical consultancy services as a sub-contractor. The company has a history of providing Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) satellite communications services and equipment to air, land and sea situations around the world via hubs in the UK, Washington & Adelaide. Services include provision of rapid solutions or emergency coverage such as when an aircraft is on ground.

Technology keywords

01006002 Broadband Technologies
01006003 Mobile Communications
01006008 Satellite Technology/Positioning/Communication in GPS
01006013 Communications Protocols, Interoperability

Market application codes

01005001 Satellite services/carriers/operators
01005002 Satellite ground (and others) equipment
01006001 Defence communications
01006004 Communications services
01006005 Other communications (not elsewhere classified)

Comments, number and date of patent

Trademarks have been developed and are being secured.

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Type of partner sought

Partners are likely to be established companies with relevant technical knowledge and could be currently involved in the sale and installation of television aerials, burglar alarms or similar technical services. Partner companies will need to have appropriate professional expertise, hold all the relevant operational licences and public liability insurance and be responsive to immediate customer requirements. Tasks to be undertaken include advertising and marketing, quotations, timely installation and on-going support and maintenance. The partner is certain to have some basic electronic, ICT and technical skills and network systems understanding and be willing to engage in a long term cooperative relationship.


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