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Greek firefighting equipment offered to commercial agents

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Specialized Greek manufacturer specialized in firefighting systems wishes to conclude commercial agency agreements for the representation of its products in Europe.

Offer description

The company is located in Northern Greece and specializes in the manufacture of firefighting systems. It began this activity in 1994, but the company’s operations are based on a much older (almost 60 years) legacy of water pump-set assembly which was started in 1957. Its firefighting units are certified with CE marking and have several market applications. They are suitable for industrial use, and the agricultural sector, as well as for use in other large constructions. This compact and dynamic SME is also active in assembling and supplying various other industrial devices such as motors, generators and a variety of water pumps (both for water supply as well as waste water drainage). Its product range includes pressurized vessels and tanks, mono- and tri-phase electric motors, air-cooled and hydro-cooled diesel motors, as well as generators and alternators. The company is staffed by experienced engineers with know-how in a variety of industrial fields, which has recently enabled the company to expand its horizons into the water treatment sector. However, the firefighting systems constitute the company’s main production activity, and it is committed to offering the most advanced and novel products available in order to meet the needs of heavy industries for even the most demanding fire safety situations. It has established itself on the Greek and Balkan markets as one of the most significant and major suppliers and is now interested in turning its focus on expanding more strategically and dynamically to EU countries. Therefore it is looking for commercial agents in order to represent its products (and in particular its firefighting units) throughout Europe.

Innovations and advantages

The firefighting units are delivered complete and ready to operate (with all the necessary hydraulic and electrics ready for placement). This makes it easy for the customer simply to make the piping connection and power supply for the electric automated panel. They are robust, compact and assembled on a unique chassis, supported on anti-vibrating foot padding plates. In addition, the firefighting units comply with National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards. The pumping units for the firefighting systems comply with the European standard EN 12845 with, among others, the following innovative features:-  Flexibility to cope with low velocity of water intake and correct suction capability  Eccentric tapered connection with suitable intake angle for disposing of any air that may have collected in the piping  Independent, self-controlled electric automated panels, for each pumping station with ON/OFF controls for diesel driven pumps equipped with independent circuits and separate relays  Diesel-driven pump control panel powered simultaneously by two batteries  Kit of spares for diesel engines available on request  Indication of a 25% drop in the fuel level.

Technology keywords

02006003 Fire Resistance/Safety

Market application codes

08003006 Power transmission equipment (including generators & motors)
08003007 Other industrial equipment and machinery

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Area of partner's activity

The Greek company is looking for commercial agents specialized in dealing with such industrial devices and who have contacts primarily with large technical companies or construction firms, as well as industrial plants, and any other possible end users which require fire safety systems and/or other industrial equipment. Ideally the potential partner would be interested in establishing a long-term agreement for exclusive representation on its local market.


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