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Greek fashion company that designs and produces holiday-style ready-to-wear womenswear seeks wholesale collaboration with showrooms, fashion agents or retailers with an established client base

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A Greek SME specialized in the design and production of high-quality holiday clothing and accessories for women is looking for showrooms, fashion agents, or retailers with an established client base who are looking to include fresh and unique fashion labels in their portfolios. The company offers complete seasonal collections, skewed more towards Spring-Summer. They are open to an agency or distribution agreement.

Offer description

The Greek company started in 2014 with a specific fashion concept, based on its start-up store where clothes and accessories designed and produced by the owners themselves are being sold. Targeted end-users are women of ages 25-55, mid-to-upper income, world travelers or romantics, who are looking for unique, high-quality clothes & accessories. As demand for these items grew, the company expanded with a second store. Early in 2016 the company participated in a trade show in Greece, where it initiated several wholesale collaborations. Today the company manages wholesale customers in Greece, 2 new wholesale customers in Cyprus and the Netherlands, international retail customers on the island shops and electronic retail customers from around the world. The company is looking for experienced partners in foreign markets who will demonstrate and sell its items to their customers. In this sense, they are looking to establish commercial or distribution agreements with showrooms, sales agents or retailers with an established client base.

Innovations and advantages

Products: - Unique designs inspired by the lifestyle of people on a famous Greek island. - The style displays a more classical resort elegance with Grecian and/or bohemian style references in some items. As such, it appeals to a wide range of customers. women of ages 25-55, mid-to-upper income. - Brand identity is strong, unique and clearly visible on items: White silk fabrics with natural leather straps, natural leather elements, turquoise patina metal rings and buckles, turquoise stitching or embroidery. - Clothing lines are complemented by matching accessory lines. - All items are designed locally and handcrafted in Greece. - High quality materials used, such as silk fabric & natural leather from places in Greece renowned for their high quality. Company: - The company owners live half of the year on the Greek island where their creations are inspired / born and sold through two fashion boutiques. This offers several advantages: 1. Knowledge of end-users: The designer meets the shops’ customers face-to-face, discussing their needs / likes / dislikes, observing them trying on the items during their visit. This offers a first-hand knowledge and understanding of target customers / end-users. 2. International customers: shop customers on the island are 95% foreign visitors, mainly from Northern Europe, North America, Australia and some Asian countries. 3. Being active in retail, the company has a good grasp of what is important to its wholesale customers (other retailers) when working with a supplier, such as range, price, margin, stock/repeat orders, service, etc. 4. The company owners have lived and worked outside of Greece, are fluent in English and in business terms of reference, and are available to discuss collaboration possibilities almost on a 24/7 basis.

Market application codes

07004001 Clothing, shoes and accessories (including jewellery)

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Area of partner's activity

The Greek company is looking for wholesale collaboration through a commercial, or distribution agreement with international partners (companies) that will undertake one of the following roles: 1) Showrooms that will demonstrate and sell (wholesale) the merchandize to their customers in their area (retail stores). 2) Fashion Agents – who will demonstrate on the company’s behalf to retail stores in their area (commission based). 3) Retail stores / chains / department Stores who will purchase (wholesale) from the company to offer the merchandize to their retail customers.


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