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Greek company specialized in fruits marketing is looking for distributors in Europe.

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Greek company, specialized in the fields of production, storage, products standardization and marketing of fruits and other food products which are produced in the region of Arcadia and in many other places around Greece, is looking for distributors in Europe. More specifically, the company wishes to promote mainly sour cherries, pomegranates and apples abroad.

Offer description

A Greek SME active in the production, storage and marketing of agricultural products is looking for distributors to promote its products abroad. This family company, located in the heart of Peloponnese, was founded in 1969 and nowadays is a modern warehouse, logistics center with facilities covering a surface of 12.000 square meterswith a cooling capacity of 40.000 cubic meters. The main products that the company wishes to promote abroad are the sour cherries (highly efficient for industrial use), apples and pomegranates. The company is offering the above mentioned products in packages and weights according to clients' needs and seeks to form a long-term relationship with distributors who want to promote its products in Europe.

Innovations and advantages

-Τhe quality of the products which are famous globally for their special taste and their rich and unique aroma. Especially, the apple’s nutritional value is recognized both by folk wisdom, as well as by modern medicine. The apple is an excellent source of antioxidants, in other words anti-aging elements, such as flavonoids and polyphenols. In addition, a valuable flavonoid only present in apples is instrumental in preventing and fighting osteoporosis. And of course, the apple’s vitamin C content makes it a unique ally in health protection.The apples are yellowish in colour, with bold, red streaks. Their aroma is exquisite. Their flavour is very full, slightly sour. The unique properties of these apples also includes the fact that they are exceptionally resilient, both to changes in climatic conditions, as well as to the passing of time; they can therefore be consumed over a long period, without any deterioration in their delicious, crispy flesh. The fruit’s powerful aroma makes it ideal for making homemade liqueurs and also to give special character to traditional sweets. - The use of the best quality of raw materials to provide clients with excellent products - The improvement of life quality of farmers and employees. - The competitive prices - The certifications of the products according to EU legislation - The fact that its services are in line with European legislation for the protection of the natural resources and the environment.

Market application codes

07003002 Health food

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Type of partner sought

The company is looking for distributors who are interested in distributing apples, pomegranates and sour cherries of high quality. The potential partner should have experience as a distributor of these products. His role would be to introduce and sell the products in his respective country.


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