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Golfing holidays packages in Balearic Islands for sports tourism organisations

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A Spanish SME in the field of leisure and sports holidays is offering their commercial agency services to sports tourism organisations abroad for a closed or open product packages including golf course reservations and recommendations, hotels, transfers, guiding tours for groups, and so on.

Offer description

Mallorca SME in the field of leisure and sports holidays is offering their services of closed or open packages including golf courses holidays in the Balearic Islands for reservation and recommendations. Complementary services such as hotel, transfers, guiding tours for groups, etc. are integral part of the service. About the background of the company, the owners are two associates and friends who both live and play golf in Mallorca. The main concept of the company was born when they realized that reserving a golf break in Mallorca could be done in an easier and more appealing way. They are not pretending to revolutionize the market of golf breaks but they do want to evolve it, on the one hand, by using a booking engine that allows the client to choose product and get an instant confirmation (to avoid making telephone calls and having to fill in tricky forms), and on the other hand they are convinced it is relevant understanding the customer to be able to offer a good service - not only the language but also the culture. The aim of the company is to promote Mallorca as a golf destination, with more than 20 great golf courses within a short distance, a wide range of hotels, sunny weather all year round and beautiful surroundings. Current markets are Scandinavia and UK. They make the purchasing process easy, intuitive and transparent with their own developed online booking engine, offering also a source of information for golf players that want to visit Mallorca. To finish, just to say that their selection of products is adaptable to all budgets. Commercial agency is the type of partnerships considered for sports tourism organisations such as local associations, golf courses, etc., which will act as representative, providing clients.

Innovations and advantages

Innovation is the use an agile booking engine that allows the client to choose product and get an instant confirmation, which doesn't exist in Mallorca for the golf courses and complementary services. In that way the client avoids making telephone calls and having to fill in tricky forms. The SME has evolved the golf breaks reservation current technology making it easier and more appealing. The advantages is that after years of experience of their associates, they understand seamlessly their client in order to be able to offer a good comprehensive and customized service.

Technology keywords

11007 Sports and Leisure

Market application codes

07001 Leisure and Recreational Products and Services
07001002 Amusement and recreational facilities
07001005 Sport facilities (gyms and clubs)
07001007 Other leisure and recreational products and services
07005005 Travel agencies and services

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Area of partner's activity

Type: local prescribers e.g. golf courses and associations, travel agencies, tour operators, holiday collective service providers. Role: long term cooperation at unilateral or bilateral level for provision of common clients.


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