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German start-up renting out and storing reusable plastic boxes is looking for licensees and franchise partners abroad

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A German start-up active in the field of city logistics is renting out 100% reusable plastic boxes for storage and moving solutions. They deliver, collect and - if wanted - store the boxes in their own storage facilities. In order to expand its business, the company is looking for licensees and franchise partners, who locate potential private and commercial customers or market and distribute the products and offer the services on their home markets.

Offer description

The German logistics company is a young and growing start-up with an innovative business approach towards storage and moving services. They rent out reusable boxes that are 40 % less expensive and smarter - since reusable, easy-to-stack and trackable - than usual cardboard boxes. The German company is delivering the boxes and is then either picking up the packed boxes to store them in their storage facilities, or they are picking up the empty ones after the client has moved. Delivery and pick-up are offered at no additional charge. The company has also built an online portal, where customers can manage all stored belongings. Barcodes allow easy recognition and an image upload function enables customers to upload photos of the boxes' content. This solution can be used both by companies and private persons. In order to foster its internationalisation the German start-up is looking for licensees and franchise partners. Those should market and distribute its products and services abroad. Also, future partners are expected to provide the services (delivering, collecting and storing the boxes) to end-customers. This may be done by either becoming a licensee and thus acquiring the right to market the German company's invention in a certain area for a certain period of time, or by becoming a franchisee. Those will have the right to profit from the firm's whole business model.

Innovations and advantages

The company's stable moving boxes are made of high-quality polymers and can be used for either moving or storing. These boxes are affordable (40 % cheaper than cardboard boxes), eco-friendly (100 % reusable) and easier to use compared to the average cardboard box. The reusable boxes are easy to stack and - when empty - easy to slide into each other saving space during and after moving. They are stronger than cardboard, easy to carry due to ergonomic handles and water repellent. The 100% recyclable plastic box can be used up to 400 times. A cardboard box in comparison can only be used 2-4 times.

Technology keywords

02008003 Logistics

Market application codes

07006 Other Consumer Related (not elsewhere classified)
08006001 Process control and logistics

Preferred countries

Austria, Belgium, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russian Federation, South Korea, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom, USA

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Area of partner's activity

The German company is looking for partners to sign a franchise agency agreement or a licence agreement. The partner should be experienced in the field of logistics, warehousing or transport. Future franchise partners acquire the right to use the firm's business model and brand for a certain period of time. As part of that they should locate private or commercial customers and provide advice to them. They should be able to market and distribute the company's product and services in the industry of their countries. Partners should be companies, irrespective of size, that will be permanently entrusted to negotiate and conclude business in their home markets. They will also provide services - such as product Information and support - to customers. Within the framework of a licence agreement partners will be granted a licence to use and market the German company's product.The license will be issued for a certain period of time and a certain geographical area. Again, future partners are expected to provide services to the customers.


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