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German specialist for water well/borehole cameras is looking for a distribution services agreement

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German company active in development, manufacturing, sales and service of video inspection systems for pipelines, sewers etc. has developed a dedicated wells inspection system. The system enables to inspect boreholes and water wells between 2-20 inches, for a depth down to 500m with pan and tilt cameras. The company is market leader in Germany and wants to expand its activities to foreign countries. Therefore it is looking for a distribution services agreement.

Offer description

The German company is an SME with more than 20 years of experience with mobile inspection systems. Since the beginning with a single pipe inspection system the product range has expanded and is now comprising of different systems with e.g. push and crawler cameras for pipes and sewers, manhole and borehole systems, and the newly developed wells inspection systems. The water wells inspection system is a mobile video inspection system based on pan and tilt cameras for boreholes and water wells with a nominal diameter (DN) range from 2 inches (DN 50) up to 20 inches (DN 500) and up to 300m depth. But the system can be easily extended to changing requirements, e.g. larger diameters (up to 40 inches resp. DN 1000) or greater depth (up to 500m). In combination with a compact automatic cable drum (with 300m cable) or with a compact manual cable drum (100m cable), a standard notebook computer using the appropriate software package and equipped with an ordinary joystick (e.g. X-Box Game Pad) serves as control unit. The notebook monitor is used for the video, and there are possibilities to save video and photos or to use protocol software. Parameters like the current depth, date, time, position etc. can be displayed within the video. The system can be equipped with a large range of sensors to monitor the borehole and/or the system itself. All components (e.g. the cameras) are equipped with excess pressure monitoring to ensure continuous watertightness. The cameras can measure the deviation in two directions (X and Y axis), so that - together with the length of the cable - the tracks of the cameras on their way through the borehole are available. Additionally, the pan and tilt cameras can be equipped with a compass to show the viewing angle related to magnetic north. Important facts and features in brief: - Pan and tilt (P&T) cameras offering views from every angle in comparison to only axial or axial/radial cameras. - Monitored water tightness up to 500m (50bar) - Depth, inclination and temperature measurement - Mobile system without separate control unit. - Remote control - Special water well report software - Compass showing viewing angle related to magnetic north - P&T camera for 2 inches to 6 inches (incl. auxiliary light) - P&T zoom camera for 4 inches to 20 inches (incl. auxiliary light) - Laser based measurement of e.g. joint gaps or damages - Wide range of accessories The company is market leader in Germany and wants to expand its activities to foreign countries. But being a small SME and offering products that require explanation, partners abroad are necessary for selling the products in their region or country and - in best case - also offering service for the equipment. For the envisaged distribution services agreement the company is offering detailed training on the products and the applications, marketing support and every support needed to start a successful business. A contact person will be available for all questions that may arise.

Innovations and advantages

The system is more compact and lighter and therefore more mobile than other devices because it does not need an additional control unit. Instead, it is controlled with a notebook computer and a wireless controller. Furthermore, many additional features such as sensors for depth, pressure, temperature, salinity and tilt as well as a compass are available. And the system is modular, so that future requirements can be met without having to invest in a larger system.

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10004 Water Management

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The company is searching for distribution partners with good contacts to local water supply companies, well builders and well service providers. The potential partners should have technical knowledge and experience in presenting/promoting products that need explanation as well as knowledge about water wells. Additionally, the potential partners should act independently in the market to sell the products. In best case, the potential partner can also offer service for the equipment.


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