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German manufacturer of high quality goat milk soap and accessories seeks distributors and investors

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A German SME has developed a production process which enables it to produce a high quality soap in a traditional cold process on industrial scale. It is particularly compatible, even for very dry skin. The company would like to make use of market opportunities via a distributor already present in wholesale or retail channels for luxury cosmetics worldwide. Furthermore, they would like to find an investor for their business.

Offer description

The company is based in the heart of Germany in the South of the Federal state of Hesse. It was founded in 2013 and ranks among the top Three producers of goat milk soap within Germany. The well-established company has clients in several EU and Third countries. Current international activities include production agreements with several companies from Serbia as well as a cooperation with the European Trade Center in China. Among its web shop clients are clients from different European countries like Austria, Finland and the Netherlands as well as first clients from Russia. The company´s special expertise is the production of the ecological goat milk soap for which it has developed a traditional cold production process on industrial scale as well as marketing and sales of the product. The current sales channels include a web shop as well as pharmacies and health shops in Germany. The luxury soap based on goat milk is particularly well compatible, especially for very dry skin. The brand is associated with high quality and ecological sustainability. The soap is rich in vitamins, minerals and trace elements which have been recognized as valuable nutrients for the skin. In addition to the soap, the company offers a range of products which complement it. The soap is sold together with handmade wooden soap sets made of wood sticks or walnut wood. It comes together with boxes and flannels as make up removal/ shaving set or luxury gift set. The client is looking for partners who buy and sell their products based on a distribution services agreement. The ideal partner would be a wholesale trader or an SME from the cosmetics sector with complementary products and a network reaching out to relevant points of sale like pharmacies, drugstores and other stores. Marketing and sales know how for similar products are required. Marketing material (templates for English brochures, Video in English language) can be provided by the client company. In addition, the company is open for an external investor and is therefore offering a financial agreement.

Innovations and advantages

- Particularly well compatible, even for very dry or irritable skin. - Offered together with handmade wooden complementary products (bathroom accessories). - Well-established brand in the premium segment / ecological products niche in Germany.

Market application codes

07004002 Health and beauty aids
07004008 Other consumer products

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Type of partner sought

The company is looking for a distributor who has well-established retail channels to pharmacies, drugstores and other stores worldwide, know-how in the cosmetics sector and ideally in marketing and sales of similar products. In addition, the company is looking for investors.


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